Next Kentucky Equine Networking Association Meeting November 16th - Don't Miss It!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

! Once again, we were excited about the buzz that was heard around the room and lobby at Spindletop Hall during our first organized event in September. While we knew that we could not personally speak with each person, it is of utmost importance to your Kentucky Equine Networking Association (KENA) Steering Committee, the Kentucky Horse Council and the University of Kentucky that each individual is heard.
From the comment cards provided at the dinner tables and at sign-in, we received many great topics of interest from a wide range of professionals. While we are sure the list is not complete, we wanted to share with you the ones we received. The topics are listed below:
Topics of Interest from KENA meeting:

1. Professional Development
2. Showing/Training
3. Judging
4. Equine law
5. Morgan horses
6. Saddleseat riding
7. Equine welfare (2)
8. Rider safety
9. Racing
10. Sporthorses
11. Nutrition
12. Industry protection via legislation (2)
13. Cohesion within industry
14. Marketing (3)
15. Pre-purchase standardization
16. Tourism
17. International/national outreach
18. Equine industry using more modern technology
19. Women in the horse industry
20. Funding issues
21. Receiving directory info for this group (3)
22. Industry accessibility
23. Therapeutic riding (2)
24. Leadership (3)
25. Horse/human interaction (2)
26. Education
27. Equine business management/taxes
28. Trail riding

Our challenge for subsequent meetings is to identify our objectives as a group and to map our directives to meet the goals we set. We are developing the KENA website and Facebook page in an effort to be inter-active in some fashion. We are striving to provide a platform that will be convenient for all of 'us' busy professionals, so that we will be able to communicate easily and be heard.

Regarding the development of KENA, we are requesting that each person attending the November meeting:

1. Bring a written comment about any topic that you believe the Steering Committee should review. Please identify your name, address, phone and most importantly your email address so we may get back with you to discuss the topic. YES! This is a 'homework' assignment! P.S., if you forget, we will again have the comment cards available!

2. KENA believes that the success of our group will be tied to involvement from all breeds and disciplines. We would like a representative from each breed to attend our meetings, so issues and concerns specific to breed or disciplines are recognized as to their unique issues and concerns. Please feel free to invite an individual that would be an appropriate representative.

3. Invite a colleague/professional to the November KENA meeting and your name will be entered in a drawing for a leather halter

We appreciate your support of this important equine industry initiative. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email, or, contact any of the people below.

Jessica Bollinger, CW Event Team -

Robin DeGraff, DeGraff Stables -

Ginny Grulke, KY Horse Council -

Dr. Ed Squires, UK Gluck Equine Research Center -