News Notes for June 17, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Posted by Lynndee Kemmet

Reining takes center stage in international equestrian competition this coming week with the start of the NRHA Derby in Oklahoma City. Baseball and equestrian fans join forces in an unusual way in Missouri while dressage makes the news in the local press out in South Dakota. The Royal Horse Gala is scheduled to be held in London this fall. And, also from British news this week, the horse took the win in the annual Man versus Horse competition. Deep Run Horse Show in Virginia earns the honor of being designated a USEF Heritage competition.
Oklahoma City is the place to be next week for top international equestrian competition.  The Midwest city will play host to the National Reining Horse Association Derby at the State Fair Arena. The event is an FEI CRI2* and CRIY reining competition that will draw many of North America’s best reining competitors, both juniors and adults. It all kicks off on June 21 and runs through the 26th. And not long after, the same venue will host the U.S. Equestrian Federation’s National Open Reining Championships and Reining WEG Selection Trials during the Battle in the Saddle reining event. That will begin on July 10. For more information on the Reining Derby, visit http://nrhaderby.com/index.php.

For a complete list of competitions this weekend visit the competition’s calendar section of www.usef.org.

The News Press out of St. Joseph, Missouri reported this past week on an interesting idea for building relationships between horses and the general public. A local stable offered to provide two horses and riders as mascots during the local baseball team’s games. The team is called the Mustangs so it only seemed fitting. Brown Boy and McCoy, who hail from Legacy Stables, have now become regulars at Mustang games, along with riders Tammy Noll and Lindsey Smith.

The fans apparently love the idea and reportedly, the horses love the attention. During the game, fans can visit the horses and pet them and between innings, the horses perform and race up and down the sidelines acting as cheerleaders rallying the crowd.

You can read more about Brown Boy and McCoy at http://www.newspressnow.com/news/2010/jun/16/equestrian-stars-fire-crowd/.

In South Dakota, dressage made the news in the Rapid City Journal which wrote about the South Dakota Dressage Society’s Black Hills Dressage competition held in Rapid City. It was not, however, the best of weather. Saturday was cold and damp and Sunday’s classes were cancelled due to muddy conditions. Still, it was a loyal group of riders who turned out, some traveling from as far away as Wyoming. Most important of all, the competition succeeded in getting some local press time and dressage supporters didn’t miss the chance to use the article to explain their sport. Shari Humble-Lamb, the technical delegate from the U.S. Equestrian Federation, provided a detailed overview of dressage for the uninitiated.

You can read the whole article at http://www.rapidcityjournal.com/news/e9e3c768-775e-11df-8fc5-001cc4c002e0.html.

September might be a good time for a trip to Europe. Horse and Hounds reported this past week on The Royal Horse Gala, scheduled to be held in London September 11-12. The event will include performances by five of the world’s riding schools and will feature Lipizzaner, Lusitano, Andalusian, Arab and Friesian stallions. The participating riding schools include the Lipica Stud, Spanish Riding School of Samuel Lopez at Albecete, Cabalos Expanoles, the Royal Stud of the Netherlands and the Stud Farm of Ismer in Germany.

You can learn more about it at http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/article.php?aid=299128.

Courtney King-Dye continues to post updates on her website (www.courtneykingdressage.com). Courtney reports that she’s still struggling a bit with her right side and her speech, but she’s already beginning to think about riding again. She might be starting off in a therapeutic riding program, but she says being around horses will surely be her best therapy for a recovery. Courtney continues to work her way through all the emails she receives and says they are important to her, so keep them coming. We’re all looking forward to seeing her back in the ring, even if only ringside.

In news from Britain, the annual race between human and horse, held in the town of Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, was again won by the horse. News reports are that the fastest human runner came in 10 minutes behind the winning horse. The competition attracted nearly 300 human runners. The winning horse in what is called the Man versus Horse event was Sly Dai, ridden by Llinos Jones in a time of two hours and seven minutes for the 22-mile course.

The USEF has made Deep Run Horse Show the third American horse show to receive the designation as a USEF Heritage Competition. The show is held in Virginia since the early 1920s. The event will be officially honored on June 27 during its signature event, the Bryan Trophy Equitation class. To earn the honor, a show must have been inexistence for 25 years or more and helped to promote and grow equestrian sports, contributed to the surrounding community and set an example of good horsemanship and sportsmanship. Deep Run also served as the first USEF Pony Finals in 1969.