The Newer Spreader – Perfect for Smaller Horse Farms

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When I read about this product, The Newer Spreader on a newsletter, I checked it out, and think it is the perfect item for my small horse property. Since my non horsey husband like riding his 4 wheeler, he is usually receptive to chores which are related to its use, and we could put my carriage pony Buddy to work so he can help earn his keep! We are also beefing up our pastures in Kentucky, and can keep our much smaller Florida property fertilized without getting a big pile built up. Just fill it up like a large wheelbarrow, and when full go for a ride. This product, with the company based out of Florida seems as if it just might do the trick: A handy, portable, lightweight manure spreader for your horse farm that can be pulled with a small garden tractor, four wheeler, golf cart, or a horse/pony! It's an easy-to-use alternative to those heavy, expensive barn implements you're used to seeing. AND it holds up to 8 cubic feet of material.

Check it out, and if you are interested let them know you found it on We would like to see them join our virtual vendor section, so show them how well our website works in spreading (no pun intended) the word!