With a New Ride, Courtney King-Dye is on the Heels of Jan Brons in CDI Competition at the Wellington Classic Dressage Spring Challenge CDI

Sunday, February 8, 2009
Posted by Lynndee

West Palm Beach – Six months after taking over the ride on Collecting Gaits Farm's Bogner B, Courtney King-Dye is now knocking at the door of victory. In CDI Prix St. George competition at the Wellington Classic Dressage Spring Challenge CDI she was right on the heels of Jan Brons and Teutobod, who have been nabbing many of the wins on the Florida show circuit in Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire competition. Bogner B is one of two horses King-Dye is aiming for the National Intermediaire Championships in Gladstone this summer. Brons and Teutobod took first with a score 71.368, but King-Dye and Bogner B were close behind with a score of 71.158. King said she's aiming to take the 11-year-old Hanoverian gelding to Grand Prix. "But, we're not in a rush," she said. "He definitely understands the passage, that's rather natural for him and he's working his one tempis. The piaffe is really the only determining factor."

She's also campaigning Grandioso with that goal in mind. With the 10-year-old P.R.E. stallion, King-Dye placed second in Saturday's CDI Intermediaire I competition. "He's doing awesome and I'm having such a great time with that little horse. He's really, really good," she said. It was only Grandioso's second Intermediaire I.

"He did his first I-1 last weekend," King-Dye said. "And honestly, I think he's just tired this weekend. He's pretty new to this level of collection. I really think he'll be very competitive." She said her main goal with Grandioso is getting him to Grand Prix next year and what she wanted at the Wellington Classic Dressage Spring Challenge was to see what the judges thought of his progress. They were pleased and so was she.

"He's very talented," King-Dye said. But he's not the only talent in the family. King-Dye recently brought his brother, Cuatrero, into her barn and she's thrilled. "He's really, really cool. He's a little bigger than Grandioso and a little easier to ride. Grandioso is so supple and loose that if I don't have him with me, he just disappears." King-Dye said she plans to take her time with the nine-year-old stallion, also owned by Hampton Green Farm, and said it might be late this year before she competes with him. King-Dye is definitely busy. She also has Mythilus back in work with hopes that he'll be ready for a run at the World Equestrian Games in 2010.