New Online Courses Added to Laura King's Power to Win

Friday, May 27, 2022
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Kicking off the Spring Show Season with the $25,000 Power To Win Grand Prix
Laura King is excited to once again be a sponsor at the Equestrian Sport Productions Annual Hunter Jumper Circuit. Laura kicked off the ESP Spring show season hosting the $25,000 Power to Win Grand Prix at Wellington International. Ireland’s Darragh Kenny bested 50 riders to win the Grand Prix aboard VDL Cartello. Our own Summit Dynamic’s Hypnosis coach Billie Jean Pizzuti and her daughter Alyssa helped with the awards presentation at the show! It was an exciting start to the spring season, and we wish all the riders the best as the competitions continue.

Photo - Ireland’s Darragh Kenny bested 50 riders to win the Grand Prix aboard VDL Cartello. Summit Dynamic’s Hypnosis coach Billie Jean Pizzuti and her daughter Alyssa helped with the awards presentation.

Laura King Adds New Online Courses

The Power to Win

With Laura’s Power to Win online course riders can learn how to release performance anxiety, overcome their fears and relax when riding and showing, all from the privacy of their home. The positive feedback from riders on The Power To Win online course, spurred Laura to add two additional courses to line up.

New Emotional Intelligence for Trainers and Coaches Online Course

For trainer’s and coaches, it is important that their students perform well, but not all trainers have a toolbox for achieving peak performance in their students. Coaching styles vary but by learning and practicing a few simple techniques can change the outcome significantly. Trainers teach what they learned as rider and training your brain will enable you to interact more effectively with your students and bring out the best in them. As a trainer and coach, your students are a reflection of your success. This quick course will help you train with more success and both you and your students will enjoy the journey even more. (Hint: students this is an ideal gift for your trainer, too!)

New Mindset for Your Ideal Weight

Mastering your ideal weight is especially important in equestrian sports. Many riders have tried handfuls of weight loss programs only to regain their weight back and feel like a failure. That’s because their subconscious self-image was not rewired as of the program. You are what you think you are, and your mind needs to be part of your weight loss journey. The Mindset for Your Ideal Weight online course gently reframes your subconscious through guided self-hypnosis and gives you the tools to win the battle with your weight once and for all.  It’s time for permanent positive change and you can achieve measurable goals from the privacy of your home. In fact, you can literally lose weight in your sleep. You feel healthier and more confident and ride better than ever.

Power Tips To Achieve Your Personal Best        

Be Your Own Hero    

Do you have a rider in your sport that you really admire their skills and success? Maybe it’s Robert Dover or Adrienne Lyle, or Todd  Minikus or Isabell Werth. Start imagining you are that person when you ride, emulate them and their confidence in what they do. Because if they can do it, you can do it. Consistently, ride as if you are your hero, you brain will follow your direction and your performance will improve as you hold their vision in your head. Try it for a week and you’ll be amazed at your results!