A New Era Begins for Maureen and Alan Aulson as Black Prong Equestrian Center to be Auctioned March 16

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Posted by Mary Phelps


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Maureen and Alan Aulson who were passionate and involved competitors in driving sport, created a Shangri La of sorts when 17 years ago they purchased and developed The Black Prong Equestrian Center, south of Gainesville, and north of Ocala.

Black Prong Equestrian center, Bronson, FloridaBe sure to explore the listing, video and photos of this one of a kind property and come to the Auction, March 16. The Black Prong Equestrian Center is not just an income producing property, but a property that created a community of like minded drivers and riders who come each year from all over the USA to be in the heart of Driving, Riding, and Endurance sport.

Here is the heartfelt letter from the Aulson's announcing their decision.

Yes...the plans today are to Auction off the 90-acre facility on March 16, 2019. Over the past 17 years we have enjoyed making this one-of-a-kind horse-focused resort destination and state-of-the-art event facility what it is today. So many memories have been created here, from the many clinics to weddings, events with horses, dogs and goats!

Maureen and Alana Aulson
Maureen and Alan Aulson

We have been honored to host so many amazing people from around the world, each of whom have come here have shared a piece of your lives with us, and us with you. Maureen and I, Tom, and then rest of the staff have spent endless hours on this place and literally put our hearts and souls into making this a special place we could share with all.

Yes...we plan to continue to host events and book reservations for the season. So please bookmark us on your calendars and come see us for one of our amazing events; or come for just a fun weekend and enjoy the sunshine and trails.

Yes...we plan to still frequent Florida and will continue to have our private farm across the street, so we hope to still see so many friends and familiar faces around the area and at horse shows and dog trials.

Maureen Aulson in the Goethe Forest
Maureen Aulson in the Goethe Forest

As much as we know a lot will change when we no longer own Black Prong, we hope a lot will stay the same. So lease help us share our message with people, groups, and organizations you think may value from obtaining this amazing slice of heaven that abuts the Goethe State Forest, complete with the beautiful live oak trees, cabins and barns, club house for events, and RV/camping hook-ups.

I hope you remember us fondly, as more than just your hosts, but also your friends.

What a blessing it is to be able to watch another owner take the reins and create an even better place in Levy County!

We will take the time to say goodbye and thank you to the wonderful people who made it possible to make Black Prong something we all love.

Love you all, please come say goodbye to us on Auction day.

Maureen & Alan Aulson

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