Mystery Writer and Dressage Rider Tami Hoag Kicks Off Book Tour In Wellington Jan 11 for For Newest Novel

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tami Hoag Book Signing and Shop Talk at Sho Clothes Monday 6:30-8:00PM
{jumi *4}{/jumi}052595130X{jumi *5}{/jumi}Tami Hoag is the reason I didn't get any sleep last night! She gave us a copy of her new mystery novel, and I could not go to sleep until I found out who did it! As usual she keeps you guessing to the very end. Tami actually confided in me that when she is writing her books sometimes even she doesn't know until she gets towards the end! It was fun reading about the character Jane Thomas. In Deeper Than The Dead, Hoag features a character named Jane Thomas, based on a real life person of the same name – Jane Thomas, daughter of Peggy and E. Parry Thomas, owners of Olympic dressage horse Brentina. Thomas earned the unique opportunity to become part of a Hoag novel when she bid $20,000 and won the chance at a fundraiser last year at a United States Equestrian Team Foundation auction.

New York Times bestselling mystery writer and accomplished dressage rider Tami Hoag is kicking off a book tour for her newest novel Deeper Than The Dead, which was released December 29. Hoag’s 11-city tour will include an additional stop in Wellington on Monday, January 11, where Hoag will sign books at Sho Clothes’ dressage boutique’s “Shop Talk,” a monthly gathering for dressage enthusiasts.

{jumi *4}{/jumi}B002YER01C{jumi *6}{/jumi} Order Deeper Than the Dead (Kindle Edition)
“I love speaking to fellow dressage riders. Even though I make my living as a writer, riding and showing is what I look forward to,” Hoag said. “After the book tour I will return to Wellington and start showing.”

Hoag’s tour will include stops in: Rochester, Minnesota on December 29; Scottsdale, Arizona on January 4; Houston, Texas on January 5; Winnetyka, Illinois on January 6; Beaverscreek, Ohio on January 8; Wellington, Florida on January 9; Delray Beach, Florida on January 12; Plantation, Florida on January 13; and Naples, Florida on January 14. Hoag will appear at “Shop Talk” at the Sho Clothes dressage boutique on January 11 from 6:30 to 8 pm. Sho Clothes is located at 3220 Fairlane Farms Road in Wellington.

Fourteen of Hoag’s spine-tingling mysteries have appeared on the New York Times bestselling list, including Dark Horse and Alibi Man which are set in the equestrian show world in Wellington. “After the book tour I will be excited to finally get into the show ring with Bacchus de Light, my top Grand Prix horse who has been out for a year rehabbing an injury. He's coming back into great form,” Hoag said.

Hoag’s fans have eagerly been waiting for dressage’s top mystery writer to deliver a new thriller and Hoag isn’t disappointing her fans. Deeper Than The Dead is set in 1985 in an idyllic California college town and opens with four children running through the woods and literally falling upon the body of a murder victim. The investigation is headed by hotshot young detective Tony Mendez, and joined by one of the FBI's pioneers of criminal profiling, still a fledgling science at the time. Also drawn into the investigation is the children's fifth grade teacher, Anne Navarre, who must protect her students and at the same time try to delve through family secrets that run Deeper Than The Dead.

Hoag fans are in for an even bigger treat, as Hoag is already hard at work on the sequel to Deeper Than The Dead called Secrets To The Grave. For more information about Tami Hoag, or her upcoming book tour, visit her website at

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