More Copies On the Way! The Making of the Modern Warmblood Offered Only on!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Update- November 8, 2010 - 200 more copies on the way from Australia offered in the USA only at We had to raise the price slightly to $80 to cover the huge costs to deliver the books to America in time for the holidays.
"The Making of the Modern Warmblood - From Gotthard to Gribaldi" a 662 page book featuring 144 stallions, major studbooks profiled, and beautiful photos and interviews with key players in the industry. This is a work destined to become the standard reference for students of the Warmblood breed. Chris Hector brought several boxes of his book “The Making of the Modern Warmblood” to Kentucky in hopes of selling it through a colleague at the trade fair, but alas, the strict rules of the organizers prevented that from happening. So we offered to post the book on and sold out in less than two weeks. Now there are more on the way, so get your order in soon because we are not sure if we can get more. With over 5,000 daily visitors to DressageDaily we can't be sure how long our supply with last.
Check out the [#24011 override="Chapter on Gribaldi " title="Chapter on Gribaldi "]- Sire of Totilas to see what we mean!