Mikala Munter Gundersen and My Lady Continue to Thrive

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Photo: © Mary Phelps
Photo: © Mary Phelps

Mikala Munter Gundersen, has been hot on the heels of her Danish teammate Lars Petersen this entire season, was pleased with her continued improvement on Jenne Rumbough's My Lady so far, finishing third at the "Friday Night Stars" FEI Grand Prix Freestyle at the 2015 Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) with a 75.725%, Riding in front of a completely packed crowd, the biggest audience in history at an AGDF event, Gundersen is getting used to the personality quirks of the big beautiful mare with the expressive ears. "She sometimes worries me in the warm up with her antics, but when she gets in the ring she knows her job and I can tell how much she loves it."

"I love going down the centerline. It is my favorite part of the test. She gets so big and once she hears that music start to play, it just gets her going. The further we get down the centerline, the passage just continues to get bigger and bigger, and she's always so on it when the music starts," said Gundersen when describing how it feels to enter the ring on a Friday night. My Lady the thirteen-year-old Danish Warmblood mare has represented her country well at the Danish and European Championships where together with Lars Petersen they will again travel to Europe this summer to go for it again.