Michelle Gibson Says the Contender II “Best Saddle Pad on the Market”

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shop With Top Dressage Professionals on Their Favorite ThinLine Products

Olympian Michelle Gibson and 2008 National Intermediaire Champion with Diamante Farms’ Don Angelo chose that new pad, the Contender II, as her favorite ThinLine product. When asked about the Contender II, Gibson said, "This is the best pad on the market, by far. I have been using the Back on Track saddle pad with a ThinLine pad over it for a while, but I like the Contender II even better than using the individual products together. I think it gives a little more cushion."

Therapeutic thermal infrared heat from Back On Track works to improve circulation and alleviate pain. Combined with the Ultra ThinLine Pad, the Contender II provides exceptional comfort to horses.  Many riders will also notice more comfort in their own bodies after using products like this one from Back on Track.

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