Mette Rosencrantz Loves Her Dressage Cotton Comfort Square

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shop With Top Dressage Professionals on Their Favorite ThinLine Products

Californian by way of Sweden Mette Rosencrantz loves her Dressage Cotton Comfort Square, along with all the Thin Line products. "I have been using back on track products for a while, both leg wraps and saddle pads. The pad is very good for the back muscles. It sits well on the horse's back and I am very happy with the performance of the pad. I would highly recommend this pad for any horse in any discipline. "

Dressage Trainers Agree - ThinLine Products Stand Out from the Competiton!While these trainers have different opinions on which ThinLine product is the best, they all agree that their favorite ThinLine products stand out from the competition. These world-class riders use ThinLine products daily because of the effectiveness, durability, and ease of use the products provide. All ThinLine products are made with USDA approved anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents that are rated to last seven years to help keep horses healthy. ThinLine's open cell foam technology allows the product to be custom fitted to horses once heated, and they return to original form when cooled, ready to be used on another horse. Comfort pads, bell boots, sport boots, girths, and reins are just some of the great gifts available from ThinLine this holiday season.

If your shopping list includes riders of other disciplines, don't despair. ThinLine has products for jumping, eventing, endurance, polo, racing and western.  Shopping on a budget?  The "Closeout" section of features some great times at an unbeatable price.  With the benefits that each ThinLine product provides, any rider will surely be happy to unwrap a box from ThinLine.  Don't forget, you can always treat yourself this holiday season.  Make it a New Year's Resolution to provide yourself and your horse with the best products at a great value, visit