In Memoriam - Melissa Taylor's Decardo

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I write this e-mail with an extremely heavy heart. This morning, my sweet Dacardo was laid to rest.

You all know that he was a "girthy" horse and we accepted it and through some research we found out that his father, D-Day was the same. We did do some x-rays of the back and found nothing to concern ourselves with so we continued his training. And we had a system that we stuck to for mounting.

Just a few weeks ago, Dacardo was stretching down to snuggle with Tajna while she was wrapping his legs for the night and his neck got "stuck". He panicked a bit but Tanja was able to get him relaxed and with in 15 minutes, he was fine again. I, being the over protective mother, called our vet and we decided to take some x-rays of his neck. The views that we took showed nothing too significant so we decided it might have been a fluke thing. But about a week or so later, it happened again. But again, he was fine within 15 min. On New Years Eve Day, D ( my nickname for him ) got stuck again and at that point we knew we needed to investigate even more. So I planned on taking him in to the clinic on Monday. Over the weekend, he got stuck again and this is when I realized this not a very good situation. D had plenty of muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory drugs in him and my heart new it was serious.



We scheduled an MRI for Friday but while at the clinic he got stuck again. They had taken more views and more ultrasounds and unfortunately they found a fragment broken off in his neck. Explains the years of "girthyness"

Their was no real options, except to humanely destroy my sweet D. I went to say good bye this morning and he was stuck again, which makes me realize I am doing the right thing but my heart feels so differently.


I am so proud to have owned this majestic animal and even more proud that I could ride him. At my 4th horse show, I won at Dressage at Devon and at my 7th show I was cantering down center line at the USEF National Championships. I can only imagine what my 20th show may have been.

Dacardo was and will always be my "dream horse", regardless to his hot girthyness. He was my boy.