In Memoriam - Joan M. Humphrey

Thursday, May 11, 2017
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Joan was a person who I always remembered being happy to see. She had a joyful spirit and a love for dressage and helping on all levels of management - She was part of the beginning which was really not that long ago.

Joan M. Humphrey, May 8th, 1939- May 6th, 2017 passed away peacefully in Ft Myers, Florida with family. She was born in New York to Courtney and Margaret McVicar, from Scotland. Her father died of a heart attack before she was a teenager and she lived part time with her aunt, uncle, and cousins for a period of time. She spent time in Miami and New York during her teenage years. Her lifelong love of horses manifested itself early around age six. She took a job in Cincinnati and quickly connected with 'horse' people. Whether it was buying a horse and transporting him in the back of a pickup truck from the sticks of Kentucky or feeding one Coke-a-Cola and hostess fruit pies, equines were a major part of her life. She found time to marry and had two children. She is survived by a spouse of 52 years (John II), a son (John III), a daughter (Heather), a granddaughter (Courtney) and Grandson (John IV). Her love of horses led her to Dressage. She was Secretary of the United States Dressage Federation, Learner Judge Educator, competed at the Grand Prix level and became an 'S' judge of Dressage events around the world. These are all major accomplishments in Dressage...She was a devoted wife, master typist (a lost skill), art show director for The Cincinnati Zoo Art Show (that is reaching back), Pony Club Mom, adopted mother to boys and girls from all walks of life, and so much more...

An extensive world traveler, she rode horses in Ireland, Safaried in Kenya and Tanzania, toured the pyramids of Egypt, and walked the Killing Fields of Cambodia. She lived life.
Chitza Itza, China, New Zealand, Morocco, Europe and many more spots around the globe were all graced by her presence. She worked hard, she played hard, and she loved life. She will be missed by all. In lieu of flowers and in honor of Joan’s life with horses, she and her friends request donations to a charity she supported here in Ft. Myers, Fla.

Memorial Service May, 18th, 2017, New Hope Presbyterian Church, 2:00 PM. Everyone is welcome.

Please share this post and please email Joan pictures to for a photo montage at her service.