In Memoriam - Hanoverian Stallion Don Gregory

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Don Gregory in 2012 (Photo: © Tanja Becker)
Don Gregory in 2012 (Photo: © Tanja Becker)

The Hanoverian breeding stallion Don Gregory has passed away at age 27. The retired grand old gentlemen suffered from a colick attack and could not be saved. After his daily turnout in the paddock, Don Gregory colicked and was transported to the equine clinic. The stallion had to be operated on but due to his old age it was decided not to put the horse through that. He was euthanized. Don Gregory was bred by Albert Siemer and discovered by Paula Vorwerk as a youngster. The majority of his life he was owned by Gudula Vorwerk-Happ though he spent his last years at the Dressage Performance Centre Lodbergen, where Gestut Vorwerk sold to Sissy Max-Theurer.

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