Meet the Newest Member of Our Family! Dusty

Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet the newest member of our family, Dusty. He arrived a wooly mammoth from Esopus New York, a donation of sorts from my dear friend Nancy Rosen, of Frog Hollow Farm, because he “needed a job, and Buddy needed a buddy." Taking on a new member is not a decision made lightly, and I must admit when I first saw him, I was not sure what to think. But Nancy promised me underneath all that fur was a beautiful pony, well trained, and a lovely mover. After two days in harness, we all continue to be amazed by him, and now our lonely pony Buddy has a friend. The first day they were side by side but in separate paddock, they were both napping in the morning sunshine.

I think they had been up all night partying for spring break. The hope is that we can begin to be working with the two as a pair by this summer, we’ll keep you posted. Thank you Nancy and Jimmy Welsh of Elite Horse Transport for bringing hom to Florida!

Our driving career is a long way from the glitz and glamour going on this weekend at the prestigious Live Oak International Combined Driving Event. Yesterday Chester Weber cruised to victory in dressage with his four in hand team. We will be on the scene Saturday for the exciting Marathon. Anyone in the area should come for a day of excitement and fun. There will be many hospitality tents by the popular obstacles as those vying to qualify for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. The hotly contested single horse division is also an important one to watch as participants aim to make the team for the Single World Driving Championships to be held in Italy this summer. Check out coverage of driving and other discipline news on Visit our News Page on often for the latest in the various equestrian disciplines we are offering.