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Friday, December 21, 2018
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Faye Flynn - Saddle Fitter for Custom Saddlery
Faye Flynn - Saddle Fitter for Custom Saddlery

As a rider herself Faye understands the importance a properly fitting saddle makes for a rider to effectively communicate with their horse. Faye is a certified equine sports massage therapist which allows her more insight in how important a properly fitted saddle allows horses to use their body correctly so they may be successful and stay sound. Faye is a certified independent saddle fitter and has trained under master saddlers in Germany and England to enhance her knowledge of saddle fitting.

Faye is based out of Ocala year-round. She services all makes of English saddles with her main focus of sales and service of Custom Saddlery dressage and jump saddles.

What made you want to become a fitter?
I started out as a certified Equine Massage Therapist and I kept encountering horses with sore backs due to ill-fitting saddles. So, I got certified as an independent saddle fitter, then went on to train with master saddle makers over in Germany and England.

What made you want to be a Custom Saddlery fitter?
I wanted to be a Custom Saddle Fitter because they are by far the best saddle on the market. Custom Saddlery has such a wide range of saddle models and trees that it allows the horse and rider to be comfortable and preform to their best ability without interference.

How long have you been working with Custom Saddlery?
I have been working for Custom for 2 years as of September 21st, my birthday.

Do you own any horses?
I own three horses.

Do you compete your horse?
I have two competition horses,I have a five-year-old KWPN Gelding named Impression who is showing 1st level, and a thirteen-year-old Oldenburg gelding showing 4th level and schooling PSG.

What discipline?

What Custom Saddle do you ride in?

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love to work my horses or curl up with a good book and sit under one of my mature trees at home.

What is one of your most memorable moments working with Custom Saddlery? 
It’s the OMG moments riders’ get when they finally ride in a Custom Saddle they love, and their horses move through their body without interference from a saddle. Those moments are why I am a saddle fitter and love what I do.

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