Masters Airbus Group - A Survivor's Victory

Monday, July 28, 2014
Posted by Jessica Rodrigues, R&B Presse


This brilliant edition of the International Jumping of Chantilly comes to an end on a beautiful story, that of Cameron Hanley and Antello Z, winners of the Masters Airbus Group

Two years ago Cameron thought he could never ride again. In 2011, as his career was really taking off with Antello Z, Cameron was victim of a knee injury. Not whilst riding but playing in the garden with his children! Things got worst with a nosocomial infection and a whole series of operations. Seventeen in all!“I was told that I could never ride again, nor probably even walk. At present I feel better on a horse than on foot. I cannot run anymore.”

Steeped with a formidable will power and extensive physiotherapy, Cameron progressively started riding again, but certain that he could not jump again. What’s more he had sold half of Antello Z who had been entrusted to Michael Whitaker. In March 2013, Eleonore Paschoud et Yves Bouvier, Swiss owners, decided to “re-equip” the Irish rider so that he could reach new heights. When they asked him if he had any idea on the horse they could buy, Cameron didn’t hesitate one second. With great class, Michael Whitaker made no difficulty in reselling Antello Z and very rapidly the Irishman was back on the winning track with a third place in the Calgary Grand Prix, after winning another competition at 1m60. But this victory in Chantilly is the first in a Grand Prix and this should open new prospects: “I did not ride him yesterday in the Longines Global Champions’ Tour, but I can confirm that he is my top horse. He has just returned from a month of rest and I am preparing him for the Nations Cup in Dublin where I hope to be selected for the World Equestrian Games”.

It’s true that today in Chantilly, Antello Z gave the impression of outclassing this jump off, with 21 riders: “Yes, 21, it was a bit too many as the timing was a little too indulgent. The riders had all their time to adjust their clear runs. Did you see in the jump off, when you need more speed, the obstacles started to fall. (There were only 7 clear runs in the jump off.Ed.). Anyway, it’s great pleasure to win here, on such an arena. I came here 5 years ago and dreamed of coming back. The spectators are fabulous, all that in this fabulous environment which I had time to appreciate the day before yesterday when I visited the Horse Museum which I found extremely interesting.

A Happiness which the Irishman shared with the 6000 spectators. Happiness we are impatient to renew in 2015. Chantilly is well and truly one of the top places in World Jumping.

Completed results of the Masters Airbus Group : http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de/933/sta_erg/06_ergENG.htm?style=longines