Mary Phelps and Tracey Scharf Visit Markel

Thursday, June 5, 2003


Prior to leaving on her 2003 Euro-Tour, Mary Phelps flew to Richmond, VA, together with her personal assistent Tracey Scharf for a two-day training seminar at the Markel Headquarters. Mary documented this trip and tells her story:

"Since announcing our move to Markel Insurance Corporation in April, we have hit the ground running, having one of the most successful months ever in equine insurance premiums, in our very first month working for the company. I have been to the Richmond Virginia Headquarters a few times, but Tracey Scharf, our office (and life) manager, joined me on our latest trip, where we spent 2 full days training and working with the management team responsible for our success.

This was a particularly special occasion for Tracey, as her 3 year old son was recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, throwing her life into a whirlwind of doctors, medications, and a frantic search for a day care who would take him. With Hayden in the capable hands of Tracey’s Mom, she had the chance to get away for a couple of days getting the first full nights’ sleep in her own comfortable hotel room provided by Markel."

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