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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Celebrating 10 years With Markel – April 2013

Mary Phelps is back to cleaning stalls and taking care of her ponies and competing in Combined Driving with Markel's Buddy and Markel's Dusty.
Mary Phelps is back to cleaning stalls and taking care of her ponies and competing in Combined Driving with Markel's Buddy and Markel's Dusty.
Mary Phelps - Markel Equine, Farm, Ranch and Liability Specialist 800-572-3286,
In 1993 Markel invited me to join their company based on my longtime involvement in the insurance business as well as work in the equine industry, beginning as a show photographer covering over 40,000 miles a year crisscrossing the USA and Europe. Then there was this new thing called the Internet. My photos were one of the first to appear on-line during the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. I can safely say I pioneered the Internet potential in 1997 with my websites and I have been a long time member of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists covering International, National and local equestrian events. But before all that, I was a horse crazy kid, a Pony Clubber, stall mucker, trail guide at a local stable, the groom on the Standardbred track, doing whatever I could to be around my passion, horses! After over 25 years of being on the road covering shows and events photographically and for the media and my websites, I am cleaning stalls again, taking care of my pair of driving ponies, and competing in Combined Driving events whenever I can fit it in. This has brought me closer to the real world of horse ownership; vet bills, trips to Rood & Riddle with a foundered pony, working with trainers, entering shows, stressing over expenses and scheduling and working with the multitude of products, feed and supplements we all as horsemen deal with.

In your search for information on Equine Insurance coverage’s we thank you for visiting us here on our webpages. I have been an Equine, Farm and Liability agent in the equestrian world for over 25 years, and with Markel Corp, celebrating my 10th anniversary April 2013. I understand the busy lives and full days my friends and clients deal with. In my office, with Tracey Scharf as my longtime administrative assistant and licensed Insurance Customer Sales Representative, we make a great team. Tracey is on hand to personally handle your phone calls, and even on her weekends off and during vacation time, her laptop is always with her, to be sure she is in touch and available. I am fanatically connected, on my e-mail and with my phone at my side. You will always get a personal reply from either one of us. We can make the sometimes, daunting task of filling our forms for Farm owner coverage easy, and our Markel “Quick Quote” liability application can be done with just a short phone call. Equine insurance, covering your farm and business operation, and the issues with your horse mortality, medical and surgical expenses are all addressed in what we do in this very specialized niche market. And, we have the entire team at Markel corporate offices on hand. They have our backs (and yours), as we have their support as we go about the daily work of protecting our clients.

It has been a rewarding experience for all involved as our agency has grown. Markel is a great company where even the highest-ranking officers and CEO’s take a personal interest in their agents, employees, and clients. Most of the people involved in this company are involved in the horse industry in some way. Geri Hollander, out head of claims has her own dressage horse and trains and competes as an Amateur rider. Others a breeders, farm and horse owners, including Markel CEO Alan Kirshner and his wife Deborah Mihaloff, breeders of Arabian horses at their Cree Run Farm who race world wide.

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