Mary Cameron Rollins and Rose Noir Win Young Rider Individual Gold

Saturday, July 25, 2009
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In an elegant confident test on her beautiful Oldenburg mare “Rosie” Mary Cameron Rollins earned the first score in the 70’s at the Adequan FEI North American Junior and Young Riders’ Championships. In spite of the applause going on in the adjacent arena where eventing dressage was being held, the sensitive mare trusted her rider, and delivered an elegant happy test scoring 70.263. “This was my first and last chance at Young Riders, so I am very happy about today.” said Rollins. Silver went to Kristen Becker and Ramses with a 68.684, and the Bronze to Brian Hafner and Lombardo LHF with a 67.824.


Rollins, who is transferring the Florida Atlantic University to be able to work with her trainer Patrick Burssens at IDA Farm in Wellington, made sure to invite her entire Region Three Team to join her at the press conference.“My horse, not unlike many others, is quite complicated,” Rollins said. “She’s a little spooky, she’s a little hot. She was really on today. I was really proud of her. Even when the crowd was clapping for the eventing side, she kept her head on and did a good job. I was really happy with my pirouettes and some of the half-pass work. I thought the extended walk was exceptional. I just had so much fun. It was a fun, easy ride.”


Today’s performance was an improvement from their uncharacteristic showing at Gladstone at the National Young Riders’ Championships where the sensitive mare was not happy in the wet muddy footing. But in preparation for the Individual Test at Gladstone Rollins waited for the rain and rode in the mud the day before her class and pulled up her scores. “I just pumped myself up and it gave me the confidence and gave her the confidence for her to realize it was OK and not something that was going to eat her.”


But the footing at the Kentucky Horse Park new outdoor stadium in preparation for the World Equestrian Games was no problem rain or shine. “This footing is absolutely incredible. My horse is so happy in this footing. She’s moving better, she’s more relaxed, she’s more through in her back. She is funny about different marks on the ground and when you drag it is just very flat, it’s very horse friendly. I think that the people who come to compete at the WEG are going to really appreciate all the changes that they have made and everything that has been put into preparing the facility.”

Rollins made a point to thank her Mom, Jo Hyer who “has been with me at every horse show since I was six, and I didn’t start riding until I was eight!” “This experience has been incredible for me. She was sure to mention her trainers Patrick Burssens and Molly Tatham "Who have given me so much inspiration."

It’s my first and last year to be here at Young Riders, and I couldn’t have imagined it any better. I’ve had so much fun with my team, they’ve been so supportive. We’ve decorated our golf cart; we’ve gone to dinner every night…we’ve done all kinds of things. I can’t imagine a better way to go out of Young Riders.