Mary Brunetti Brings The Science of Advanced Hair Care to the Equine World

Friday, November 20, 2009

TailRx is a revolutionary botanical hair regrowth system designed for equines that is the horse lover’s secret for long and luxurious manes and tails. Developed by award-winning stylist and dressage rider Mary Brunetti, TailRx is not only winning praises from horse owners but riders are also using the hair system and enjoying the stylish benefits or thicker more gorgeous locks.

Lucky Magazine, a high-fashion magazine that focuses on shopping and style, featured TailRx in its May 2009 issue under “Products the Pros Love.” The magazine wasn’t horsing around with TailRx, but instead jumped right to the point and gave the equine hair product a “thumbs up.” They said, “Made to repair thinning horse tails, this unclogs and fortifies follicles so hair can grow back – and it really works for humans, too.”

Brunetti, the first woman to receive the prestigious “North American Hairstylist of the Year” award, is the founder of TailRx and said it works on humans as well because all mammals share the same hair follicle structure. TailRx was also featured in Nylon Magazine in 2009 in a story that praised the benefits of the product as a way for women to have thicker, healthier and sleeker hair.

TailRx has revolutionized how horse owner’s care for their horse’s manes and tails. TailRx is an easy to administer three-step treatment and all horse owners need to do is follow the simple 5-minute application routine. Noticeable improvements from TailRx can be seen in the first week and hair becomes thicker, stronger and longer in just a few months. “TailRx adds volume and makes the tail three times as strong within the first use, just like it does with humans,” Brunetti said. “TailRx also keeps the scalp in such tip top shape and so healthy that it can’t help but grow good hair because it starts at the follicle first.”

The TailRx 3-Step Treatment
TailRx is a three-step regimen that begins with the TailRx Cleanser.
This revitalizing treatment works to exfoliate dead, dry skin from the tailbone. Fortified with fruit-based sugars (the same alpha hydroxy acids found in fine skincare products), and botanical enzymes, it goes deep into the follicle, ridding it of clogged skin cells and sebum.

The TailRx Snap Proof Strengthener is the second step. A combination conditioner/strengthener, this gentle detangler contains silicones for shine and dirt repellency, as well as amino acids to increase elasticity and tensile strength (the degree to which a hair can be stretched before snapping.) As the life span of every hair is 4-7 years, it is vitally important to treat existing hair while promoting healthy hair growth. Snap Proof Strengthener is also formulated with a UV filter to help prevent color fade and block the internal damage of free radicals.

The TailRx Leave-In Treatment is the final step in the TailRx regime.
Formulated with a unique botanical extract blend, this essential third step helps to increase microcirculation and facilitate the flow of nutrients to the dermal papilla and bulb, giving cells what they need to form Keratin.

How To Use TailRxThe total treatment regime takes no more than 5 minutes, and is very easy to do.

1. Cleanse

Wet tail or mane. Apply approx 1oz of cleanser onto the base of the mane or dock of tail, and massage lather along entire tailbone. For more lather, add more water. Use excess lather to cleanse tail hair or mane hair. Rinse well.

2. Strengthen
Work approx 1/2oz of Snap Proof onto mane or tail hair to release tangles and protect hair from daily brushing and damage. Do not massage onto dock of tail, tailbone, or base of mane. Rinse lightly.
  • You CAN leave this product in for horse shows, or for added shine!

3. Treat
Using nozzle applicator, separate hair along tailbone or base of mane while applying approx 1oz of leave in treatment. Massage gently directly onto dock of tail and along entire tailbone, or along base of mane. DO NOT RINSE!

You'll receive maximum benefits by following a treatment schedule. Week 1 provides the most intensive therapy, necessary to de-clog follicles and stimulate circulation.

  • Week 1: Three times a week
  • Week 2: Twice a week
  • Week 3-12: Once a week

Continue to apply weekly until you begin to see a noticeable improvement in the denseness, quality, and strength of the hair, usually three months. Each TailRx product provides a three-month supply or 16 applications, if used according to recommendations. After that, re-stock and use TailRx as a maintenance regime, at least two times a month, for fuller, shinier, healthier hair.
  • normal hair growth time is approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month.
  • If you'd like to try TailRx on yourself...
    • Use Step 1 as your shampoo, rinse well, then towel blot your hair
    • Apply a small amount of Step 3 directly on to your scalp, and massage in until it disappears.
    • Apply a few drops of Step 2 on to your hair, do not go close to your roots, and blow dry for a brilliant shine, added strength (especially to color treated hair) and volume.
    How TailRx Works
    TailRx is a completely new category of equine care. Not a standard shampoo or conditioner, but a professional treatment regimen developed to address the underlying problems that affect equine tail and mane hair growth and fullness. Knowing Brunetti’s expertise with hair, and her love of horses, a friend consulted Brunetti about an all-too-common equine problem: lack of growth in tail hair. Brunetti brought all of her skills to the task, her knowledge of hair structure, her insight on hair growth, her experience with patterns of alopecia (hair loss). And then she discovered something truly amazing: It wasn't a hair problem at all - it was a skin problem.

    “The skin around the tail bone is like the scalp. It can get scaly, dry, and scabby. This can lead to severe itchiness and breakage. As dead skin gets into the follicles, it cuts off the blood vessels carrying vital nutrients necessary for the production of Keratin,” she said.

    Brunetti instinctively knew that a single hair product wouldn't be enough. She knew you had to treat the skin first. And so she developed a three-part treatment system to cleanse/exfoliate the skin, condition/strengthen the hair shaft, and stimulate vital blood circulation. And that is how TailRx was born.

    About Mary Brunetti
    Brunetti began riding and showing horses as a teenager in the hunter/jumper divisions. She is now competing in dressage as an Adult Amateur with her horse Emma. “Combining my two passions together, horses and hair, is a dream come true,” says Mary.

    Brunetti is a breed apart when it comes to hair. One of the icons of the beauty business, she is well known as a celebrity stylist. Brunetti made frequent appearances on the “Ricki Lake Show,” where she was resident hair guru and Ricki's personal stylist during the entire 11-year run of the show. More recently, her styling magic has also been seen on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and as a technical hair consultant for Bravo TV's hit hair reality show, “Shear Genius.”

    Brunetti’s hairstyles have appeared in Town & Country, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Elle, Bridal Guide, and in New York Magazine, earning her three Editor's Choice awards for her work. She is equally in demand for creating runway looks during New York's Fashion Week, styling hair behind the scenes for top designers such as Nicole Miller and Donna Karan, to name a few.

    Mary is also co-owner (with husband Michael) and artistic director of the Brunetti Hair & Beauty salon in the resort area of Westhampton Beach, where she continues to pursue her first passion: creating, innovating, and inspiring hair trends.

    The TailRx “Best Tail” AwardBrunetti is a strong supporter of the equestrian community and has developed the  TailRx “Best Tail Award.” The award is given during the Wellington Dressage circuit to the horse or pony with the most luxurious tail. The winner is awarded a TailRx basket filled with prizes and the much sought-after TailRx product.