Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen is Set to Shine with Two Stars and New Sponsors at Dressage at Devon

Monday, September 22, 2014
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Mary Bahiuk Lauritsen and Wench. Photo by Horse Sport Photography
Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen and Wench. Photo by Horse Sport Photography
Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen is gearing up for Dressage at Devon with two Small Tour stars, Ansgar and Wench de Jeu. The 16.1 black gelding, Ansgar (Special D x Formateur) and 17.2 hand chestnut mare, Wench de Jeu (Jazz x Contango) are both owned by student and supporter, Nicole Polaski. Polaski has supported Mary with Ansgar for four successful years and more recently gave the ride on Wench de Jeu to Mary.” After watching how much success Mary has had with Ansgar I am confident with time she will develop the same with Wench. I am excited to be a part of this journey and see my horses compete at Devon for their first time.”
In the few weeks leading up to Dressage at Devon, Mary and Ansgar won two out of three CDI Small Tour classes at Saugerties. “I was thrilled with Ansgar’s performance at Saugerties. To feel his confidence during all of his tests at only his second CDI was very exciting.” The pair performed Ansgar’s very first freestyle which placed them first with a 71%; they were rewarded a 75% from one of the three judges. 
Mary also competed Wench de Jeu at Saugerties which was only her fifth time competing in the US and the mare’s first CDI competition. “Wench” and Mary’s green partnership shows promise as they were in the top ten and scored over 65% in both Small Tour classes. “Wench has so much talent and will power. Over the last few months I have gotten to know her and she has gotten to know me. I feel that we are just starting to form a partnership in the show ring. As with all mares it takes time but it is worth it.”
Mary Bahiuk Lauritsen and Ansgar. Photo by Terri Miller
Mary Bahinuk Lauritsen and Ansgar. Photo by Terri Miller
It is what is behind a rider and her horses that helps them shine and Mary is not short on support so far this year. Nicole Polaski was the first to offer her sponsorship to Mary with her world class horses and now two product lines have followed suit. Kastel Denmark and Samshield helmets recently partnered with 25 year old Lauritsen. “Kastel Denmark is proud to count Mary Lauritsen as a sponsored rider and team member. Her dressage accomplishments to date and bright future are obvious. With her mix of American and Danish heritage, the synergy between our brands is quite clear and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her endorsement as she travels and competes.” Kastel Denmark will not only be supporting Mary as a rider at Devon but the cool active wear company is also a sponsor at Dressage at Devon this year. 
In preparation for Devon and the upcoming Wellington season, Lars Petersen visited Mary’s family-owned training facility, Cadence Farm in Harvard, MA for a two-day clinic. When in Florida Mary trains with Petersen full time. “It was perfect timing to have Lars to our farm for some fine tuning before Devon and for the rest of the horses. Lars plans to compete at Devon so I am looking forward to having the consistency of his help at the competition.” 
Dressage at Devon is the first of many qualifiers for the 2015 Pan American Games and this year’s Small Tour class has a record number of entries. Mary’s eyes are set on making a spot on next year’s US team. With her two mounts competing against one another for a spot on the team, Mary can only say “May the best ride win!”