Markel/USEF Young Horse Five-Year-Old Dressage National Championship Highlight

Wednesday, September 1, 2021
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Fourteen combinations completed the FEI Five-Year-Old Final Test to determine the Markel/USEF Young Horse Five-Year-Old Dressage National Championship. Marcus Orlob (Annandale, N.J.) and Glory Day (Grand Galaxy Win x JJ Dolche Gabbana, Deemster) scored an incredible three 10s to win the class with a score of 9.770. Orlob and Alice Tarjan’s Danish Warmblood stallion, members of the USEF/USDF Dressage Young Horse Emerging Program, earned an overall score of 9.518.

Photo - Marcus Orlob and Glory Day (SusanJStickle.com)

“I was a little amazed at the scores today,” said Orlob. “Obviously, it’s great to get two tens, but I’m blown away. I think he deserves it. He’s a really fantastic horse. I think we were delighted by the quality of the horse.”

Hope Beerling of Australia (Califon, N.J.) and Vianne, Kimberly Butenhoff’s Hanoverian mare (Vitalis x Raureif, Ramiro’s Blue) took reserve-champion honors with an overall score of 8.964 and won the Highest U.S. Bred Horse Award for the division. Katryna Evans (Bailey, Colo.) and Møllegårdens Fashion, Dr. Cesar and Marcela Parra’s Danish Warmblood gelding (Florenz x Møllegårdens Kantarel, L’Espoir), were third with an overall score of 8.700.

Overall Results

From the Mixed Zone:

How did Glory Day feel today?
Orlob: “He is never tired. He is very energetic, and he loves to work, coming out every day at 100%. He was a little fresh in the warm-up, and then when they were clapping he was more tense, but after a few minutes he settled in nicely and I knew that I would have a good ride if I didn’t mess up. I did mess up, so I’m mad at myself, but stuff happens. I’m glad that I have a good horse that makes up for my mistakes.

“He has such a natural talent for self-carriage, the lightness, the power. I think that this will be a good grand prix horse.”

Talk about your horses.
Beerling: “She is an incredible horse. I have been with her through this whole journey. I am in Catherine Haddad-Staller’s program, and it shows that hard work and good training pay off. We took this horse from a good horse to an excellent horse, and I’m excited for her future.

“I was blown away with the scores. Catherine bred her, and I moved here when she was three and I broke her."

“I find American dressage very supportive. It’s a very nice environment and I really appreciate that.”

Evans: “I also have a really great horse. I’ve only been riding him for a little while. Very talented horse, great brain, and, obviously, it’s a long week for these horses, and it’s a lot coming all this way, but it’s a great environment for them to learn."