Markel Monday - Riding Instructors and Trainers Need Commercial Equine Liability Insurance Too

Monday, May 2, 2022
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Riding instructors and horse trainers need commercial equine liability insurance too. When teaching a student lesson and/or training horses, your business could be the target of a lawsuit. Money isn’t the only thing that’s at stake. Your reputation is on the line, too.

You need coverage designed specifically for riding instructors, trainers and clinicians. Why? Think of it this way: your business revolves around animals that can kick or spook coming in contact with students, staff, and employees who can fall off or get injured.

It takes an expert to figure out the right kind of coverage for you. And Markel has over 50 years of expertise insuring horses and horse-related businesses.

Markel is also the Official Insurance Supplier of The American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA). Special insurance because instructing students and training horses is a special kind of business.

Equine liability insurance is indispensable for anyone with a horse-related business.

In today’s litigious society, protection against liability claims is an utmost necessity. And riding instruction or horse training operations, such as yours are especially vulnerable – even with waivers and state laws designed to limit or control liabilities.

Unless you have the proper kind of insurance, a lawsuit will cost you money - win or lose.

A Final Thought
Perhaps the most important benefit in carrying a Commercial Equine Liability policy is the fact that a legal defense is provided for you and legal costs are paid by the insurance company if a formal lawsuit is filed against you. Defense costs are paid outside of the policy limits. When owning a horse or operating an equine facility, you are exposed to a liability loss where there is no pre-determined fixed dollar amount that you could lose. We urge you to consider this and to include equine liability insurance as you prepare your annual equine budget. Don’t neglect the “forgotten” equine insurance coverage… your personal or commercial equine liability insurance policy.

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