Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous Top Day One at the Ocala Jockey Club

Friday, November 15, 2019
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International competitors took to the dressage arena today at the 2019 Ocala Jockey Club 3-Day Event (OJC3DE). The weather was brisk by Florida standards and a few horses were slightly fresh to deliver their best performances. Unfazed by the cooler temperatures was Marilyn Little’s (USA) RF Scandalous who danced her way into the CCI4*-S lead on a stellar 24.7.

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“She was really wonderful. She was very excited, she was calm right up until the last minute then went in and got a little excited with the atmosphere. Two years ago we were here and that translated into not such a great test. But she has just become so mature and such a great partner that she went in and did her job like she always does.”

This is RF Scandalous’ first international event back since suffering an injury on the lead up to the 2018 World Equestrian Games which left her unable to compete there. Marilyn got a little emotional when asked how it feels to be back Eventing, she explained:

“I cannot tell you how much fun it is to be able to ride her here and have her back when you have lost something and you get it back it is really cool. This is a really special weekend for me; it has been a long road. There is an incredible team of people that have helped get her back here. Unfortunately, her owners couldn’t be here today but they will be here for the rest of the weekend so they have a good score to watch, a good start to their weekend. I am back at an event with this horse. She is such a special horse to me. It is wonderful to be back at an event but it is even better being back with a best friend, it makes it that much more fun. If I didn’t have this horse I wouldn’t be Eventing. I event for her, because I love her. This event is a great one to come to as an opener back in. It has a great energy, it so beautiful and so well organized.” v

Sitting in second on a 32.5 is Sara Kozumplik Murphy (USA) and Rubens D’Ysieux. This is also their first event back at the four-star level since Rubens D’Ysieux successfully underwent colic surgery this spring. v

“I thought Rubens was really, really good. He unfortunately had colic surgery in April and I have never dealt with that before. So I have just been taking my time making sure he feels good and playing it one day at a time. He feels really good and I was very happy with him, he feels strong. He doesn’t like to be embarrassed if he is going to be a bit of a bum he is going to do it at Preliminary, he is not going to do it on live stream.” √

Sara went on to explain:

“To be honest with you I watched the video afterwards and saw a couple marks I thought I had done a better job on than I did. I was a little surprised that I got a 32. I was expecting Marilyn to have a knock your socks off test and she obviously did. But I thought I would be at worse a 30. I think I was not accurate enough on my serpentines and my halt and rein back wasn’t as good as it should have been so that is perhaps where I lost a bit. But I couldn’t have been happier with the horse, he was super so I can’t get too fussed about it.”

Rebecca Brown (USA) and Dassett Choice round out the top three on a 34.7. They are making their CCI4*-S debut this weekend. When asked about her test Rebecca said:

“Actually I didn’t love it. He can do a pretty amazing test and I had two little blips. But we have been working really hard so obviously even with that it was pretty competitive. I am still really pleased but always knowing you can do better, right.” Rebecca also had not yet had a chance to walk the full cross-country course but has competed here before.

“The short course does look a little bit friendlier than the long which I appreciate it being my second Advanced on this horse. I’m really excited they always present it so well here and it always rides well.”

CCI3*-L and CCI2*-L Dressage Day One Results

Dressage for the CCI3*-L and CCI2*-L divisions kicked off today and will continue tomorrow.

Leslie Law (GBR) and Zick Zack are leading the CCI3*-L on a 30.5. Jonathan Holling (USA) and Prophet are tied with Katherine Brown (USA) and Carnaby for 2nd place on a 33.

Meanwhile in the CCI2*-L, there is a tie for the lead between Buck Davidson (USA) aboard Cooley Candyman and Will Coleman (USA) with his mount, Steam Engine; they are both on a score of 27.9. Hot on their heels is Elizabeth Henry (USA) and Charlotte La Bouff on a 28.