Maplewood Warmbloods Presents the 2010 International Dressage Symposium Featuring Michael Klimke and Monica Theodorescu

Thursday, August 12, 2010
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Maplewood Warmblood’s 2010 International Dressage Symposium - “Competition Dressage vs Classical Dressage”

On October 15-17th, Maplewood Warmbloods is proud to announce the 2010 International Dressage Symposium featuring the World Reknowned clinicians Michael Klimke and Monica Theodorescu. This is an outstanding opporotunity to learn from two of this generations highly respected "dressage masters". They both bring a lifetime of classical learning from their fathers who were both incomparable trainers whos direct influence can still be felt today in classical dressage.

Monica Theodorescu is an Olympic (three time), World Equestrain Games and European Championships Gold Medalist. She is based out of Gestüt Lindenhof in Warendorf where under the gentle mastery of her late father, Georg, schooled many horses from the start to Grand Prix taking great strides to develop an athlete that is at top of thier game, but also happy in the work. She takes great care to follow the traditional training scale putting great emphasis on harmony, lightness, throughness and rhythm. She has proven time and again that these principals are the key to success!



Michael Klimke is one of the children of the late Dr. Reiner Klimke who was one of the greatest proponets of classical dressage training. Michael, himself, is a trainer and educator that has a true passion for the correct training of the dressage horse. He is noted for bringing his horses up through the young horse ranks to becoming International Grand Prix competitiors. Michael has had a very notable career having competed at the 1996 World Cup, was the reserve rider at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and in the same year became the German National Champions.


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Jen Vanover is a true equine visionary. She has taken her passion for horses and created a true haven for both horse and rider at her world class, 60 acre farm in Middletown, NY. Her facility is a private boarding and training center for the competitive dressage horse and she also breeds some of the nations finest Oldenburg horses. Jen also shares her passion for horses with others by hosting onsite GOV Inspections, Breed/Dressage shows (including FEI classes) and International Dressage Symposiums!


Tommy Pushkal is the "other half" of Maplewood Warmbloodsand the owner of Montauk Contracting Corporation in Flushing, NY. Tommy is responsible for developing this fabulous facility having constructed the arenas, stalls as well as all of the fencing. With Tommy's continued help, Maplewood Warmbloods will only get even better!