Maplewood Warmbloods LLC Offers for Sale Dr. Gerd Heuschmann's DVD "If Horses Could Speak"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Film According to the book Tug of War - Classical Versus Modern Dressage

Get your orders in prior to 12/15/08 to receive in time for Holiday Delivery!

Maplewood Warmbloods LLC, the exclusive US distributor of Dr. Gerd Heushmann's new DVD announced today that this important and informative production is read for shipment. This DVD (NTSC/English) details the motions and effects of the horse in dimensional views.

This cutting edge information is currently only available only through Maplewood Warmbloods. "We are proud and honored to spread the truth of improper training methods through yet another avenue." said Jen Vanover of Maplewood Warmbloods.
Photo: Charlene Strickland

"Horses do not make a specific noise when they are in pain and yet with practice it is possible to read their state of health from their face and especially their eyes. One years work went into developing the unique 3-D animation which clearly demonstrates where false riding hurts and why. "

Here is a short clip of the DVD.

To order this DVD, visit Cost is $60.00 and includes shipping to the lower 48. Please contact us if you need shipping outside this area. We will ship worldwide.

MC/Visa accepted for your convenience. You may mail, email, or fax. We will soon get ordering capabilities on our new website. Thank you for your patience until this time.

Jen Vanover

Maplewood Warmbloods LLC

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