Maplewood Warmbloods Announces Christian Garweg Joining Family after 2017 Florida Season

Wednesday, November 23, 2016
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Christian Garweg is German born dressage trainer who will be greatly welcomed at Maplewood Warmbloods.

Christian Garweg is German born dressage trainer and was based in Hamburg, Germany until his recent move to North America. He has trained and competed successfully nationally and internationally through Grand Prix. He was also Canadian Champion on several horses. He has learned from some of the best such as: Herbert Rehbein, Willi Schultheis, Udo Lange, Christilot Boylen, as well as late team coach Holger Schmezer.

Christian is first and foremost a horseman. He believes horses should be light in the bridle and happy in their work while progressing up the levels. He is a seasoned trainer and competitor with proven experience and success at all levels for many years. He has trained numerous horses from start to the Grand Prix level as well as taking them to compete internationally in Europe and North America. In July 2016 Christian placed 3rd at the Grand Prix at the CDI  Saugerties and a week later he competed at the Markel Young Horse Finals finishing 4th in a competitive class of this country’s best 5 year olds. He is a USDF Gold Medalist and has also been a Canadian Champion on several horses. He is a top class teacher and coach with students thriving at all levels.

When asked about his decision to move, Christian states: “I believe this will be a great collaboration. I’m very excited about the pipeline of incredibly high quality horses at Maplewood Warmbloods. They are all of top European bloodlines with super quality and top class gaits. I am very happy to work again in an environment similar to Germany where top riders work out of the studs and have access to these quality horses. The facilities amenities and events as well as its location are ideal for clients, sales, training, and shows. It’s an ideal scenario!”

Christian Garweg

Maplewood Warmbloods was conceived in 2004, with the vision of producing top class dressage sport horses via the collaboration of riders, officials, and organizations. This includes all aspects of breeding, standing several top stallions, and producing top class offspring. The vision also involves top judges and team coaches so that we are all working toward a common goal and advancing our sport. Maplewood Warmbloods currently hosts a National qualifying event and 3 Regional Qualifying events onsite where experienced judges are brought in. We are expanding in 2017 to GOV Mare Performance Test and hope to host a stallion test in the future. In addition to its existing young horse production, MWW is incredibly excited to expand into a higher class and level of German training & showing. With Christian’s background and experience, he and his business are the perfect fit and final piece to this vision’s puzzle.

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