Majestic Farm Offers The 2013 $30,000 Dressage Triple Crown Grand Prix Challenge

Monday, April 15, 2013
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Majestic Farm, Batavia, Ohio offers fabulous facilities and an exciting new ,000 Dressage grand Prix Triple Crown Challenge
Majestic Farm, Batavia, Ohio offers fabulous facilities and an exciting new ,000 Dressage grand Prix Triple Crown Challenge

Derby fever is escalating and just a short trip northward from the Derby state of Kentucky, Majestic Farm in Batavia, Ohio (near Cincinnati) has offered a Dressage Grand Prix Triple Crown Challenge with $30,000 in prize money up for grabs. The 2013 Majestic Farm Triple Crown Grand Prix Challenge was created to promote recognition of the competitor, and their horses, by winning the Grand Prix Level at three designated Majestic Farm competitions: Ride for the Roses I on May 4, Majestic View I on May 18, and Majestic View II on June 8th. “It takes a true Champion to maintain a level of excellence through all three Grand Prix Tests, and we at Majestic are proud to offer this exciting challenge.” Said Majestic Farm manager Barb McCarthy of the inaugural event. There will be a $15,000 Bonus for the same horse and rider combination winning all three Grand Prix Test Competitions! There will be a $5,000 award to each Grand Prix Winner at each event provided the show requirements are met.

credit: Bob Tarr
credit: Bob Tarr

The Grand Prix classes must have a minimum of 10 entries per show going down the centerline and completing the test.
Requirements to win $5,000
1. Grand Prix test must be ridden on Saturday only.
2. Open to all horses of any breed, sex, size, & color.
3. Grand Prix Class must have a minimum of ten competitors at each show. Entries do not qualify, 10 riders must compete.
4. USEF Rules must be followed.
5. Ties will be broken by collective marks. If further tie-breaker is needed, then highest test collective marks will be used. In the unlikely event, collective marks do not break the tie, there will be a coin toss. First rider in Class will call the toss.


In operation since 2008, Majestic Farm has dedicated their commitment to providing a professional, positive, enjoyable environment for the equestrian community through competitions, training, and education for the Dressage and Hunter Jumper shows they host.

Mary Phelps will be on the scene providing support as a sponsor representing Markel Equine Insurance. We will be doing coverage for DressageDaily featuring this exciting newsworthy series. Be sure to check out out display and sign up for a drawing for a Back On Track Saddle Pad and other goodies.


For more information, visit the Majestic Farm Website majesticfarm.net

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