Lyndon Rife Improving Slowly - Update From Julie

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As everyone reading this knows [#24966 override="Lyndon Rife suffered a severe set of injuries on Wednesday, Oct. 14" title="Lyndon Rife suffered a severe set of injuries on Wednesday, Oct. 14"].  Since this time, I have learned of all the incredible love, support and actions that have been taken by the dressage community on his behalf.  I am so overwhelmed by the efforts of our friends and peers across the nation. Unfortunately, I have not seen many of the online movements but I am aware of them and I am so overwhelmed and thankful for all of the donations of money, time, energy and prayers. The good news is that Lyndon is improving.  He was moved from the I.C.U. to a room on the surgical floor of Denton Regional Hospital and we await information on his release over the next few days. Unfortunately, he sustained major injuries.  His spleen burst and had to be removed in emergency surgery.  He also has ten broken ribs.  He lost a tremendous amount of blood and this was the source of some complications as well.  But Lyndon is incredibly strong and we all have full faith he will recover completely.  I am gradually making him aware of all of the love and support that is coming his way and I am also full of faith that this will bolster his recovery. To clarify the situation, I have the details from his accident.

Lyndon was wearing his Charles Owen GR8 helmet so there was no head trauma and, for better or worse, he has a clear recollection of the accident.  He was riding a client’s horse that had come to our barn about two weeks earlier.  As with many horses that come for training, this individual was not enlisted for his great qualities as a dressage horse, but because he had issues to be resolved.  Perhaps this horse should have been turned away but trainers train and while we attempted to handle the situation carefully, the brief but troubled history of this youngster was stronger than our efforts.

There is never a good time for an accident.  This one comes on the heels of a fantastic, breakthrough competition for Lyndon’s show horses; hosting and riding with German Gold medalist Heike Kemmer; and preparing a big group of students for the regional championships.  While he is showing great strength and determination to recover as quickly as possible he is frustrated and depressed at his time away from his life’s work.  My mantra of “one step at a time” does not satisfy his desire.  I have to say that this accident gives me great pause and I consider our lives with horses.  One I.C.U. nurse told us of her daughter’s broken arm, another of broken ribs from a horse’s kick, and my mind travels to the life threatening accident of a former employer.  Yet, Lyndon is ready and mourning for riding, as so many have before him, and thanks to some of our wonderful horses and owners, I have found my way back to the saddle again.

Thank you all for everything,
Julie Madriguera
Updates will continue on Lyndon Rife Dressage
How You Can Help

Funds can be deposited in the following ways:
  • At a Wells Fargo Bank - make check payable to "Lyndon Rife Medical Fund". Account # is not necessary, but it is: 8429961256.
  • Make check payable to "Lyndon Rife Medical Fund" and mail to:
Sarah Hester
5811 N. Woodcreek Cir.
McKinney, TX 75071
She will send people a response letting them know she received and deposited the check.

There will also have an envelope at the GAIG/USDF Regional Championships in Katy, Texas, October 29-November 1.