Longines Masters of Paris: A Couple on Top Form

Friday, December 4, 2015

Bronislav Chudyba, winner of the 2* class Prestige Trophy

Bronislav Chudyba, winner of the 2* class Prestige Trophy (Photo: ©Sportfot)

As the day goes by, the atmosphere moves up a notch. As do the fences. They've now been raised to 1m45. Luc Musette has cleverly dotted the course with tricky bits to make it more selective. Only eight couples go through to the jump-off. This time the winner is one of the favourites.

Already the winner of yesterday's Prix Free Lance, Bronislav Chudyba on Extasy III pulls it off yet again, in the Prix Institut Esthederm. The first to finish on a clear round, they were the first to tackle the jump-off, which is never the best position. "I tried to go round at just the right speed", explained the Slovakian. "Fast enough to make my time hard to beat, but not so fast as to risk knocking a fence down" A perfect speed it would seem since only the young French rider Damien de Chambord (18 years old and a member of the French junior team), riding Playboy de St Siméon managed to get close to his time (less than one second slower) to move into second place. "I've been riding Extasy since she was six years old”, confided Bronislav Chudyba. “This is our fourth season together; she was the horse I rode when I started out on the international track. We know each other like the back of our hands. She's very fast. Very fast, but not the fastest in the stables", he adds. Because the fastest is Pokerface 33, the horse he's chosen to defy the stars of the circuit in the Longines Speed Challlenge!

But for the time being another great event is about to begin, the MIASUKI Trophy, a 1m50 Grand Prix. The atmosphere has stepped up a beat in the arena and this evening the Longines Masters of Paris has a full house: time for some sport!

All results of the class are available here