Long Underwear For Body Clipped Ponies

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
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Worried about the dipping temps on recently body clipped equines? It was 37 Degrees this morning in Florida! Best way to get a cold from is to body clip. Back on Track sheets under blankets add extra warmth. Like long underwear for your horses and ponies. Back on track long sleeve shirts and leggins first layer for humans. It really works better than long underwear.

Speaking of long underwear, backontrackproducts.com have that too. Leggings and shirts produce a passive infrared heat, and great therapy for for achey bodies. Many people know Back On track Products for horses, but they have a full line of human and canine items as well.

I live in BOT, and so do my ponies. We have mattress covers, dog bed liners, clothing, saddle pads and mini blankets, just to name a few.