Lockhart wins 2015 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

Friday, July 31, 2015
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2015 CFD - Lisa Lockhart (Photo: Ty Stockton)Lisa Lockhart and Louie have done it again. They won Calgary earlier this month, and now they've won Cheyenne. Though Lockhart's payout at Cheyenne Frontier Days isn't as impressive as the $100,000 check from Calgary, it'll help her keep her lead in the standings. She'll take $18,112.18 with her as she leaves Cheyenne.

With a 17.58 in the short go, Lockhart nailed down the Cheyenne Frontier Days championship. She wasn't the fastest in the short round – she was fourth in the go. But combined with her first-go-winning 17.48 and her fifth-place 17.48 in the second go, her total on three of 52.54 was almost four tenths of a second faster than Sherry Cervi, who finished second. Cervi made Lockhart work for that title.

Cervi and Stingray finished the first go in a tie for 29th and 30th, but they put together a fantastic, second-go-winning 17.41 to make it back to the finals. Cervi's short-go-winning 17.51 gave her a total of 52.90 on three and second place in the average. Despite being out of the money in the first go, Cervi earned $17,320 at CFD. Mary Walker and Latte finished third in the average, with a 52.93 on three. Brenda Mays was fourth, at 52.95, and Elaine Hollings wasn't far behind with a 52.99 for fifth. Callie DuPerier, who is currently second in the world standings, finished in sixth in the average with a total time of 53.07. Megan Swint took seventh, with 53.14; Rachel Dice was eighth at 53.29; and Jana Bean was ninth at 53.35. Brittany Pozzi (10th, 54.52), Taylor Langdon (11th, 58.20), and Sue Smith (12th, 63.34) rounded out the top 12.

CFD Barrel Race total money leaders
1. Lisa Lockhart, $18,112.18
2. Sherry Cervi, $17,320.98
3. Mary Walker, $11,803.68
4. Brenda Mays, $10,042.23
5. Callie DuPerier, $8,192.30
6. Elaine Hollings, $7,642.70
7. Megan Swint, $7,540.08
8/9. Taylor Langdon, $4,905.59
8/9. Brittany Pozzi, $4,905.59
10. Carley Richardson, $4,101.59
11. Jana Bean, $3,134.13
12. Rachel Dice, $2,725.33
13. Taylor Jacob, $2,187.51
14/15. Sarah Rose McDonald, $1,184.91
14/15. Alicia Stockton, $1,184.91
16. Megan McLeod, $546.88
17. Jenna Waggoner, $545.07

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