Local Business Owner, Doug Hundt, Named to Wellington’s Equestrian Preserve Committee

Thursday, June 2, 2016
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Doug Hundt, with his wife Michele, has recently been named to the Wellington Equestrian Preserve Committee

Doug Hundt, with his wife Michele, has recently been named to the Wellington Equestrian Preserve Committee

Wellington, FL — Doug Hundt, co-owner of the beloved Wellington, Florida dressage boutique ShowChic with his wife Michele, has recently been named to Wellington’s Equestrian Preserve Committee. Hundt, who is a longtime resident of Wellington, displays a passion for both the equestrian lifestyle and civic duty in his hometown. Hundt was an obvious choice to represent the voices of horse and property owners in what is known as the winter equestrian capital of the world.

The Equestrian Preserve Committee was created by Wellington’s Town Council in 2003 to help regulate development within a designated 9,000 acre Equestrian Zone. Wellington, Florida is a unique town that draws millions of riders and their horses to compete in the Winter Equestrian Festival, the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, and at the International Polo Club every winter.

The main mission of the seven-member Equestrian Preserve Committee is to identify and encourage the types of land uses that are supportive of the equestrian and rural character of Wellington. “All aspects of the Equestrian Preserve Committee mission are important to Wellington and it’s residents,” said Hundt. “The most important, for me, is having representation within the town on policy and planning. Without representation, the Equestrian Preserve Mission is a worthless document.”

Hundt is an active real estate agent with Browning Realty International. While assisting his wife Michele with operating ShowChic, he is also the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Palm Beach Polo Property Owners Association, and the President of the Board of Directors for the Cowdray Park Condominium Owners Association. All of these experiences combine to give Hundt a deep understanding of land-use policy and equestrian interests, making him a well-equipped board member for the committee.

Hundt also believes deeply in civic service. “The father of one of my childhood friends was our town councilman for many years when I was growing up, and through him I saw the importance of participating in community operation and planning,” explained Hundt. “I believe that great things can happen to a community when the right people get involved.”

Among the many issues that will be brought before the Equestrian Preserve Committee (EPC) this year will be the construction and maintenance of riding trails, and the protection of the Preserve area. “Continuing to keep Wellington one of the most desirable equestrian venues in the world is essential to Wellington and it’s residents. As a resident, I want to maintain and even improve upon Wellington’s desirability as a world-class equestrian community and maintain Wellington as a great place to live,” said Hundt.

When not serving on various local committees this summer, Hundt will accompany his wife and their business as they travel to various dressage horse shows up and down the eastern seaboard. ShowChic is proud of its decade-long tradition of putting the rider in first place by offering the finest selection of dressage apparel, accessories, and gifts. ShowChic’s Wellington boutique is also the host of educational Shop Talks, which are intimate lecture series that introduces dressage riders to top equestrians professionals, including athletes, veterinarians, and authors.

For more about Doug Hundt, email dkhundt@juno.com. For more information about the Equestrian Preserve Committee, visit http://wellingtonalliance.org/the-wellington-equestrian-preserve/. For information on ShowChic’s top-of-the-line products and involvement in the dressage community, please visit www.showchicdressage.com or call 561-319-2121.