Liz Austin's Sponsors and Favorites

Monday, December 27, 2010

Liz Austin, Rider, Trainer, Breeder


Liz Austin and Rene Isler
Liz Austin and Rene Isler
Liz Austin, is not only a personality plus, but with her beaming smile, appeal in the saddle, and communication skills, she has shown a maturity and professionalism throughout her Young Rider years and into her professional career. With her technical acumen Austin had her own website early on during the internet revolution. Her abilities and talents attracted sponsor Renee Isler who has been her major supporter for several years. “She is always interested in what I'm doing and what horses I have coming up, and is quick to offer me ideas for sponsorship, budgeting and general good advice! It's fun that she is an FEI rider in her own right as we can chat about the everyday ups-and-downs that accompany being a student of dressage, no matter the level!"

In addition, HorseTech and Succeed Equine Nutrition have been two of her longest product sponsors. “I absolutely love their products. Olivier is on the Reitsport HA 100, Ortho-Pur and Quench Electrolytes and literally nothing else, except his Succeed of course! I love to use Succeed when traveling especially or competing- any situation where I worry about stress.” In 2009 Austin partnered with Pennfield Feeds. “My horses have never looked better. They offer feeds for all life stages. It's a very complete feed.


Just recently Austin signed on with County Saddlery who has developed a saddle for Olivier. “My horse loves it, it has made an amazing difference.”

Favorite Possesions- Fizzy and Sadie
Favorite Possesions- Fizzy and Sadie
Literally anything fun as long as it's not too death defying! In other words, you won't find me cliff jumping in the summer, but I'll be first in line for inner-tube rides!
Favorite Book:
I love mystery/suspense books, and am the kind of person if I'm travelling will read the whole book on the plane.
Lendon Gray says it best, "You make your own luck."
Favorite Meal:
Favorite Drink:
Diet Cherry 7-Up right now!
Favorite Movie:
Love Actually
Favorite Possession:
Fizzy and Sadie – although they own me as much as I own them.
Favorite Expression:
"Let's rock and roll baby." This is what I always say to Fizzy before we go in the ring to compete.