Living the Dream at Aachen

Friday, July 19, 2019
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Updates from The United States Dressage Foundation Young Rider International Dream Program

Young Rider International Dream Program cheers on Steffen Peters at Aachen ©Mary Phelps 2019
Young Rider International Dream Program cheers on Steffen Peters at Aachen ©Mary Phelps 2019

US Riders in at Aachen were greeted by a roar each time they entered and exited the magical arena at the #1 Horse Show in the world. Much of the greeting came from an elite group of Dressage proteges experiencing the Dream Program sponsored by the US Dressage Foundation. The first step for entering the big international stage is to experience what it might be like. The program does that and so much more as recipients experience the greatest horse show on earth, and more in their travels.

 Young Riders Sophia Chavonelle, Raissa Chunko, Bridgid Browne and Emma Sevriens, along with chaperones Reese Koffler-Stanfield and Bill McMullin, are in Aachen for our Young Rider International Dream Program!

Along with watching the competition and warm-ups, they meet with top trainers, riders, and judges from around the world.

Sophia shared:

"One thing that stood out to me during the Grand Prix was the spectrum of throughness that each horse showed, and how this affected their performance and score. Horses who lacked throughness in the first centerline often had errors in the tempis. Horses who were really with their rider and showed a clear bridge of energy were rewarded with more outstanding scores. It was also thrilling to cheer on our Team USA riders!"

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THANK YOU to all donors who made this incredible experience possible!