Listening to Horses

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trainer/Rider David Blake
The core of David Blake's business used to be primarily young horses, starting them under saddle, showing them and often times selling them for the owners or breeders. The bulk of his business now consists of talented FEI horses and sales horses. "Although, I still love to start one or two babies a year. My training philosophy boils down to building a relationship with each horse I ride, even at the risk of becoming too emotionally involved. I’ve learned that every horse is incredibly unique and different in the way they process the training scale."

Most importantly, Blake believes in letting horses be “themselves.” "I have a 'give and take' relationship with horses, remembering always that first and foremost they are living creatures and we are in this together. If they want to be naughty, I let them; there is a reason. If they need to buck and get something out, 9 times out of 10, if you just let them do it, you tell them 'it’s ok' and move on, they’re fine the rest of the ride. They are incredible animals that need to be listened to and respected."

Throughout Blake's career, he had many difficult horses because he was willing to take a chance on them. "In turn, that taught me so much about dealing with many different horse personalities. I now let the horse’s individual personality teach me how they want to be trained. I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I’ve also learned valuable lessons and now have a vast variety of training 'options' when it comes every horse."

"I hope my willingness to take on horses that other people had given up on and turn them into quality partners proves helpful to others. I don’t believe in giving up on horses" Blake adds. "I think many problem horses need time to develop in their own particular way. It goes back to my philosophy of training each individual horse, not trying to train every horse to 'your' style.

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