Lisa Fiore, Diana Mulpo's Assistant Trainer

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Diana Mukpo - Dressage Rider/Trainer
A student of Diana’s for the past fourteen years, Lisa Fiore is now also her assistant trainer. “Diana is a very thorough teacher,” said Lisa. “I have been to Germany a bunch of times and I have seen a lot over there. Some of the trainers here don’t give the goods to their students – they don’t want their students to surpass them in ability – but Diana is happy if you do better than her. She is very confident and comfortable with who she is, and that is huge in this sport. I really feel like I’ve got the best with her.”

Fiore started out as Diana’s housekeeper, but said, “I was a disaster at that; I’m much better at riding. Now we have a business together and it’s a nice partnership. She’s had a full course of training in her lifetime and I’m lucky that she imparts her knowledge to me. Also, she is always willing to receive input and is open to new stuff. That’s nice to see. She is generous and open with people – I only have nice things to say about her.”

Fiore has also traveled to Tibet to volunteer with the Konchok Foundation and said, “It was great to go there and see how people live. Being involved with that gives you perspective on the big picture.”

She noted she sees Diana living her philosophy day by day. “She reminds me that you have to enjoy going to the barn every day, not just focusing on the big project. She pays a lot of attention to detail and I think that from her background. You don’t just go to the barn to ride and get it over with – she takes the time to groom the horses and clean the tack, and really enjoy every minute of it.”

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