Lipizzaner Stud Farm Piber Received UNESCO award

Thursday, March 24, 2016



(Photo: Lipizzaner Stud Farm Piber)

Minister of Agriculture and Environment Andrä Rupprechter was the first to congratulate, the Stud Farm Piber and the Spanish Riding School belong to his department: “The thorough knowledge about breeding, rearing and training of the oldest cultural horse breed in Europe forms the basis of the Lipizzaner’s and the Spanish Riding School’s worldwide success. The UNESCO award is not only an honour, but means also that it is our duty to preserve this heritage for generations to come. Today the Lipizzaner horses are Austria’s living landmark and their role as noble ambassadors serves as a splendid example of ‘Best of Austria’.”

Josef Ostermayer, Minister for Arts and Culture, also expressed his warmest congratulations to the Stud Farm: “With the inclusion in the national inventory for the intangible UNESCO cultural heritage our Lipizzaner horses receive another high award, as in December of 2015 the Classical Horsemanship and the High School of the Spanish Riding School Vienna, one of Austria’s cultural traditions, was honoured as UNESCO cultural heritage. Today the Stud Farm of Piber can be glad to receive another UNESCO award. On the one hand this award represents an important acknowledgement and recognition, on the other it means that it is our mission to further cultivate, maintain and bring to public this precious cultural heritage.”

(Photo: Lipizzaner Stud Farm Piber)

(Photo: Lipizzaner Stud Farm Piber)

Hermann Schützenhöfer, Governor of Styria, is also very pleased: “As governor of Styria it makes me very proud to see that the Stud Farm of Piber received UNESCO cultural heritage status. It means that the marvellous breeding achievements the team has made with these unique cultural ambassadors are being officially accepted and approved. The Lipizzaner horses are the most important ambassadors of Austrian tradition and therefore also establish identity in the region. Piber is of the highest importance for Styria, too, since as popular destination it significantly contributes to our success of the “Green Heart of Austria”. Therefore it was the country of Styria promoting the applications for permit.

Elisabeth Gürtler, CEO of the Spanish Riding School and the Stud Farm of Piber thanks her Styrian team and the UNESCO: „This is wonderful news – only a short time ago the tradition of the Classical Horsemanship and the High School of the Spanish Riding School Vienna was appointed by the UNESCO to international cultural heritage of humanity. Now the Stud Farm Piber receives another award for the knowledge about Lipizzaner breeding. This is indeed a marvellous recognition of our Stud team’s expertise that praises the century-old tradition of the Lipizzaner breeding in their every-day achievements and efforts. A very sincere thank you to the UNESCO and the great team in Piber!”