Lindsey Partridge Makes Winners Out of Unlikely Horses

Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Lindsey Partridge, a professional horse trainer, based in Ontario, Canada, has a gift for turning horses' lives around. When it comes to makeover challenges, Lindsey has a knack for turning unexceptional horses into winners. Lindsey knows how to transform horses!

From small abandoned, malnourished mustangs, to off-track thoroughbred racehorses and every breed in between, Lindsey lets their inner champion emerge. With her kind and patient training approach and her excellent feed regimen led by Omega Alpha® supplements, Lindsey makes stars out of some unlikely horses. 

Photo - Dulcie, the little black mustang, practicing obstacles in hand with Lindsey

For example, this past fall, when Lindsey was on her way to pick up her choice of mustang for the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s Trainer Incentive Program (TIP), she received a call about an abandoned mustang named Dulcie who might be a candidate for the TIP challenge. Dulcie was a small malnourished black mustang selected by a rival participant to compete in the challenge, but due to personal reasons, the woman that selected Dulcie had to back out. In an Instagram post about Dulcie, Lindsey recalled how Dulcie looked when she first met her, “She was 5yrs old, small, scrawny, a scar on her hip, super scared, dull brownish looking.” Despite the mustang's appearance, Lindsey kindly took her home to her ranch. She tried many times to sell Dulcie to other trainers, but no one was willing to take on the little mustang. Finally, after a few weeks with no luck, Lindsey committed to putting the little mustang that no one else seemed to want through her effective training program.

TIP Challenge

Lindsey jumping Calloway King without a bridle.
Lindsey jumping Calloway King without a bridle.

The rules for the TIP challenge are simple: Trainers have 90 days to train their horses to accept a halter, and be led with it, walk on a trailer, allow basic human contact for grooming, and be able to lift all four hoofs off the ground. Once the participant meets the basic training requirements, the mustangs can be offered up for adoption. The trainers are responsible for finding them good homes. 
With only a short time span in front of her, Lindsey got to work with Dulcie, and it wasn’t easy. Dulcie was very malnourished, so the first goal Lindsey set for Dulcie was to get her back to a healthy weight. Lindsey started Dulcie on Omega Alpha® supplements. Lindsey shared, “After being with me and getting the proper nutrition through the Omega Alpha products, Dulcie transformed into a beautiful black pony who is now striking to look at.” Dulcie truly blossomed with her Omega Alpha® supplement program.

After passing her TIP training with flying colors, Lindsey saw promise in the little mustang and decided to train her for the Maryland Mustang Challenge. Unfortunately, because of their late start, Lindsey had lost a significant portion of valuable training time. Despite all the hardships and the odds against them, Lindsey and Dulcie won the Championship Buckle at the Maryland Mustang TIP Challenge!

Hard Work Pays Off

Lindsey and Dulcie’s hard work had paid off. After some kindness, perseverance, and a robust training program with Omega Alpha® supplements, they won the Championship Buckle together. Lindsey credited Omega Alpha® in an interview. “I don’t think any of this would be possible without Omega Alpha.”

Lindsey went on to say, “Omega Alpha supplements really transform my horses inside and out. You can really see a difference in what they look like and how they feel. Dulcie is a completely different horse from when I first put her on my trailer. She was the little black mustang that no one wanted, who now has a Championship Buckle to her credit. Omega Alpha products really help give my horses the minerals and vitamins that they need and literally make them shine.”

While Dulcie’s training under saddle continued, Lindsey focused on another favorite challenge working with ex-racing thoroughbreds! 

Elysia and Lindsey receive the award of America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred at the Thoroughbred Makeover in 2020
Elysia and Lindsey receive the award of America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred at the Thoroughbred Makeover in 2020

The Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium is held every year in October at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. The goal of the Thoroughbred Makeover is to retrain and show retired racehorses in a new discipline or career so that they can continue their lives with a new purpose. Once again, Lindsey Partridge stepped up to the plate. She chose two off-track racehorses to train and get back on “track.”

Thoroughbred Makeover

The Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium is the largest thoroughbred retraining competition in the world for recently retired racehorses. Trainers and horses gather from all over the nation, and it was obvious Lindsey and her thoroughbreds had some tough competition.

Lindsey is no newbie to this important competition; in 2015, when she wasn’t well-known in the challenge, she was called “the train they didn’t see coming.” She ended up winning first and second in the Trail division, third in the Freestyle, and America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred with her horses Soar and Lion of Wallstreet. Lindsey has competed in the challenge several times and won many different awards, but most recently, in 2020, she won the Trail and Freestyle division with her horse Elysia. Elysia also won America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred title!

The two horses Lindsey selected this year were called Callaway King (King) and You’re All Right (Newton). Lindsey once again began her training program with a new diet and supplement regimen led by Omega Alpha® products, and Lindsey made tremendous progress with both Thoroughbreds. 

Lindsey riding Calloway King without a bridle.
Lindsey riding Calloway King without a bridle.

After months of consistent training and a leg up from Omega Alpha®, Lindsey made the long trip to Lexington. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, the team could not finish the entire competition, so the horse's final scores were scratched. Still, during their time there, after the preliminary rounds, Callaway King unofficially won first place in the Freestyle event, and You’re All Right received second in Freestyle and third in Trail! Lindsey and her amazing horses did it again. Lindsey took two ex-racehorses and turned them into stars. 

Happy Endings

After the long days of travel to and from the Symposium, Lindsey and her horses returned to Ontario. Dulcie finished her training in trail riding before going to her forever home. A happy ending for the little black mustang that no one wanted. Callaway King and You’re All Right are currently preparing for another competition for ex-racehorses in Florida, The Florida Thoroughbred Horse Transformation Expo, coming up next week December, 9th-11th. Then after the event, the two Thoroughbreds will be for sale in Florida.

Lindsey continues to use Omega Alpha® products for all her horses, saying, “I love using Omega Alpha products. Keeping my horses healthy is important to me. They need to feel their best.” Lindsey also shared her favorite Omega Alpha® products, “Giving Gastra-FX before trailering and hard workouts is one of our consistent practices and helps prevent ulcers. Having Equisel BCAA for after-workouts or long trailer rides helps replace nutrients and encourages our horses to drink water. We use a lot of Omega Alpha products, but those two products are staples for competing.” Omega Alpha’s full line of products has truly been a staple for turning unlikely horses into winners. Learn more at