Linda’s Favorites

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Posted by Mary

My horses get to pick what is most comfortable
Boots: Cavallo
Breed: None – although I really like DaCaprio
First Horse: Four-year-old Appaloosa mare named Peppermint Twist
Car: Toyota Matrix that I have used to drag my arena and haul hay
Feed: Nutrena Safe Choice
Pets: Boxer named Rocky, Springer Spaniel named Freckles, two Great Pyrenees named Barnum and Bailey
Food: Anything with sugar in it
Hobbies: Reading and traveling
Book: Too many to list
Movie: The Others
Vacation: London, England
Saying: Leap and the net will appear
Fitness Routine: Weights three days a week, riding six days a week, chasing loose alpacas at least two days a week …