Life at Marimar Estate Stables

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kristen Aggers

While at Fairwind Farm, Kristen also met Marimar and Cristina Torres in 2005. "They had their own farm but also had horses in training at Fairwind because they didn’t have an in-house trainer," Kristen said. Marimar Torres was on the hunt for a trainer to provide consistent training for her and her daughter and Kristen was the perfect fit. She moved her training business to Marimar Estate Stables ( and found not only a home, but a sponsor. "Marimar has been incredibly supportive of me in my career and as a friend. Since being at Marimar Estate Stables, we've purchased several horses," Kristen said.

Those horses include the 13-year-old Dutch Warmblood , which is a ride for Marimar. "In 2008, I competed Nambe at Fourth Level and Prix St. Georges. He did very well. We won some high-point awards at various shows, as well as being USDF Reserve Champion at Fourth Level," Kristen said.

Another great horse in the barn is Marimar Estate’s Lucky Charm, a five-year-old Holsteiner by Lucky Champ. "Marimar purchased Lucky for me to compete and to bring up through the levels. He is extremely fancy with three fantastic gaits. He's incredibly athletic (sometimes too much) and can be seen demonstrating some rather extreme leaping and bucking," Kristen said. She found Lucky Charm in early 2008 through Sue Halasz and Anke Magnusson. 

"I was visiting for New Year’s and hanging out at the barn when I saw one of the girls lunging him. I was immediately captivated by his movement, although, he was so skinny from the trip that he looked slightly freakish. I came back a few months later to see him go and the rest is history," Kristen said. Lucky arrived at her barn in July 2008. "Lucky is one of the most talented horses I’ve ever ridden. His gaits are extremely powerful and his mind is super."

It's not just horses that one finds at Marimar Estate. One can also find the estate's fabulous Pinot Noir wines. It's a perfect place for both wine and horses, Kristen said. "Working with Marimar and Cristina has been a tremendous experience. Cristina is a very talented rider – she is currently going to Princeton and shows when she comes home. And I'm grateful to Marimar for the amazing opportunities she has presented to me, from fantastic horses to ride and show to working out of one of the most beautiful barns in the area."

Photo Credit: Cathrin Cammett

Marimar Estate Stables has it all – a covered arena, full-size outdoor arena and oversized stalls with paddocks and individual turnouts for all the horses. "The quality of care and attention to detail is extraordinary. We can have 23 boarded horses. Having my own training facility is wonderful. My business is more like a second family," Kristen said. She does, however, have one simple rule for people at her barn. "The first thing people learn is that we are a 'drama free' facility and we like to keep it that way." 

Looking Forward to a Bright Career