A Life with Horses, Challenges and Goals

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Posted by Mary

Stacy Parvey-Larsson : Dressage Trainer, Rider, Competitor, Horse Sales
Stacy Parvey Larsson riding Benidetto credit: Olaf Larsson
Stacy Parvey Larsson riding Benidetto credit: Olaf Larsson
“I love what I do for a living and I am very thankful to be able to say that,” states Stacy Parvey-Larsson. “I love working with the horses. Each one teaches me something new every day. My business thrives on sales and lessons. I take in horses for sale and try my very best to make an appropriate match between horse and rider. Nothing is more rewarding than to have a happy client call or e-mail me to tell me how much they love their new horse!”

One of the biggest challenges she has encountered in her life with horses is losing a good competition horse to injury. “I have lost horses along the way from freak accidents and it is very hard losing your partner,” she says. “I have a special relationship with each of my horses – even those that I don't own. My experiences with loss make me stronger and allow me to help my clients and friends when they are in need of emotional support.”

But the ultimate challenge Stacy continually faces is operating a year-round horse business in Florida. “Building a reputation and getting the business off the ground – it wasn’t easy starting out on my own,” Stacy says. “It took five to six years to build a name and a reputation. It’s so cyclical in Florida. The winter is the biggest time and my barn is full, but then it’s like a ghost town – everybody packs up and leaves. You’re left with only a couple of horses in training. That’s been the most challenging thing – to keep the business afloat all year round in Florida.”

To keep her business on solid ground, Stacy teaches lessons both on and off her property and travels regularly to Bluffton, South Carolina, to teach clinics at Longfield Stables. Peggy Funk, a long-time student, describes training with Stacy, saying, “I have been fortunate to have had Stacy as a coach and friend for the past four years. I usually keep my mare at home and ship in to lesson with Stacy at least twice a week. It is a two-hour drive each way, but it is well worth my time. She is always upbeat and positive – and on time! I leave with a homework assignment of what to do when riding on my own at home. She is such a confidence-booster at the shows – she makes me feel that I can go in the ring and put in a winning performance every time. On top of all of that, she always has the best interest of the horse in mind and is probably one of the most honest people that I have ever known.”

Stacy and Fleet Salute  CREDIT: BLUECENTAUR.COM
Stacy and Fleet Salute CREDIT: BLUECENTAUR.COM

During the winter circuit Stacy makes the four-hour drive from Ocala to Wellington to compete, but she has resisted moving her operation for the season. “I love Ocala,” she explains. “I love the quietness. It’s not congested. I can turn my horses out in big, beautiful, lush pastures. I don’t have neighbors. I like the seclusion. Wellington is so busy and I like going there – I love being in the show ring, but I also like to come home and take a breather and let the horses relax and not be in that stressful situation all the time.”

Overall, Stacy says her life with horses has brought many opportunities and introduced her to wonderful people. “My goals are to represent the U.S. in international competition and to ride my horses to their highest potential,” she states. “I’m sure everybody that’s doing what I’m doing says it, but I would love to make an Olympic team. That would be the ultimate goal. But I’m open to any international competition – a Pan Am team would be fantastic!”

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