Life at Far Afield Acres

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pati Pierucci - FEI Rider, Trainer, Clinician

When Pati returned to Virginia she rekindled a longtime friendship with horse breeder Lieselott Wiendieck owner of Far Afield Acres. In 1959, Lieselott, who trained at the Grand Prix level in dressage under the tutelage of Bubby Gunther and Herbert Rehbein, decided to try her hand as a Holsteiner breeder. A noted horseman and farmer, Herman von Drathen, helped her in the search for mares and created the foundation for her breeding operation in America. This was at the lowest ebb of the Holsteiner and only a few hundred mares were left in Schleswig Holstein. Lieselott was an early member of the American Holsteiner Association, served on the Board of Directors, served on the Breeding Committee, and was a Breed Judge for seven years. One of her other responsibilities was to serve as the liaison between the American Holsteiner Association and the Holsteiner German Verband.

“I saw where I could help Lieselott continue to live her dream by helping her develop, train and market her fabulous young horses,” said Pati. At Far A Field Acres Pierucci provides clinics with other trainers as well, schooling shows, and is able to teach in her own environment in a top class facility. “It is a ‘win win’ for both of us,” added Pati. “Recently sales have been a big part of my business. This is a direction that I wasn't expected to go but have had great success. I love to train up young horses and get them in FEI ring. I have been so fortunate to have been in situations where this was the mainstay of my business.”

Pierucci has also connected successfully with another prominent horsewoman and breeder, Joanne Balling, taking two of her talented young horses in to train and campaign. “Joanne has a great breeding program and a knack for matching for mares to good stallions, which quite frankly benefits me!” Pierucci has been riding and competing successfully Balling’s talented young Hanoverian, Roualt by Rosenthal and Dolfi by Don Frederico. Both young horses have been scoring at the 70% level. It’s nice to have such a wonderful owner. She said, ‘Do what’s best for the horse.’”

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