Life Coach and Dressage Trainer - Sheri Dumonceaux

Monday, March 11, 2013
Posted by Betsy LaBelle for DressageDaily


Becoming a life coach transformed her approach to many things. Sheri Dumonceax travels giving clinics from her home base Alberta, Canada to share what she uncovered. She said, “The great thing about this type of coaching is that it comes from a place of strengths and positive attributes of a person, not negatives and what we are not good at, through dialogue and process.“ Sheri helps the rider recognize who they really are, what strengths they do have and what is important to them. These revelations really impact how a person views their riding both physically and mentally. She provides techniques to process and understand nerves and tension when they strike. “I hate to see lovely riders on good horses fall apart at the shows,” she said. 

Schedule a two day clinic with Sheri, email: kadans@telusplanet.net

Day 1: Sheri works with the riders on their horses to get some context on the riding, the horse and the confidence level.  It is not a riding lesson but gives Sheri a chance to explore the body tension, and the mind tension in order to do visualization with several other techniques while mounted. 

Day 2: The rider is off the horse, and Sheri works to delve deeper through discussion and some processes to help the rider come to new understanding and provide useful tools to take with them to competition.  There is a short group session for discussion and to help get a better understanding of what the student is going through as well as an excellent exercise on how the student hears.  Sheri said, “How we hear strongly impacts how we learn and sometimes just a change in language can make a huge impact on the success of the instruction.”  Then from there, Sheri offers a follow up sessions over the phone, usually 3 at months, to continue the learning and discovery in order to bring some resolution and constructive practices to the competition arena.   

“I believe our mind is our strongest asset or our worst liability and how we see things affects all aspects of our life. Coaching can help in many areas of our life.  From divorce, relocation, career change, leadership skill development etc.  I have seen some amazing transformations in all these areas.  I believe we have the answers within ourselves, we just don't always recognize them. Most dialogue we have with our friends and family attach judgment, advice and sometimes criticism.  Coaching provides a confidential, unbiased and nonjudgmental ear to allow the person to freely explore whatever they want to explore.  It is transformational.” said Sheri. 

Upcoming event: The Mane Event, in Red Deer, Alberta Aprill 26-28, get more information or a taste of coaching and what Centerline Success can do 

Contact Information:  

Sheri Dumonceaux

Email: kadans@telusplanet.net 

Telephone: 403-542-8677

Website: www.horizonequestrian.com