Let's Hear it for the Boys: Gary Yeager Wins ShowChic Turnout Award for AGDF 7 Stillpoint Farm CDIO Nations Cup

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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From left to right, Gary Yeager, Michele Hundt, Krystalann Shingler, and Kelli Molinari during the presentation of the ShowChic Turnout Award
From left to right, Gary Yeager, Michele Hundt, Krystalann Shingler, and Kelli Molinari during the presentation of the ShowChic Turnout Award

Wellington, FL - An already exceptional week at Wellington hosting the only Nations Cup CDIO 3* in the Western Hemisphere just became even more memorable for Gary Yeager, a professional halter horseman whose dapper style in the CDI jog won ShowChic Turnout Award representatives over with a head-to-toe ensemble of bow tie, grey jacket with a dash of periwinkle at the pocket, and matching purple (yes, purple) suede penny loafers to cooly complement the grey horse at his side. Yeager, who operates a dressage-to-driving training facility, Yeager Equine Services (Y.E.S.) in Ocala, is a second generation horseman whose biggest victories have usually been with the smallest equines, handling and driving multiple American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) National Champions. At December's 2013 AMHR Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he drove Silver Meadows Original Masterpiece, owned by the Plemmons family of Ocala, to the Open Roadster Stakes Grand Championship.{C}But it was Yeager's stylish presentation Zerbino Intergro, a 9-year-old Lusitano bred by Intergro Lusitanos of Brazil, that caught the attention of ShowChic Turnout Award presenters Michele Hundt of ShowChic and Kelli Molinari of partnering sponsor, Equiline. Zerbino is owned by Johnny Robb and would be ridden by Kerensa Mueller for The Netherlands during the Nations Cup.
“We really appreciate someone who makes a grand effort to turn out beautifully because it inspires us to design beautiful clothing,” said Molinari, of Equiline-America, an Italian-designed line of apparel for serious competitors.
“We love being partnered with Equiline,” said Hundt with a laugh. “Wait until you see the new jackets Equiline has coming out - lots of sparkle!

“We love dressing up and bringing a great time to our sport, which is why we love presenting these Turnout Awards.”
And Yeager, who wryly joked that yes, he always dresses up for CDI jogs (especially since this was his very first), clearly was having a great time, too: “I love the Global Dressage Festival, love ShowChic and love Equiline!”
ShowChic Turn Out Awards celebrate great presentation style and were created by ShowChic founders, Michele and Doug Hundt. The ultimate equestrian fashion and gifts shopping experience, ShowChic is an upscale boutique dedicated to ‘putting the rider in first place.’ Like the sport it serves, ShowChic's stylish and dependable reputation rests on a foundation: carry everything riders need, including sought-after brands like Equinline, Kentucky, Cavallo, Arista, Pikeur, Back on Track, and Samshield.
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