Learn the Power to Win with Dr. Laura King

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
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Dr. Laura King, CHt, NLP & Life Coach

Dr. Laura King, CHt, NLP & Life Coach is sought after by Olympians, leading edge CEO’s, public figures, professional athletes, prominent physicians, award-winning trainers and parents. She has appeared on the Rachel Ray Show, and has been a guest on local television and radio shows across the country.

Through these appearances and working with clients, Laura teaches individuals how to utilize their minds to make lasting changes in both their performance and lives.

Laura’s technique helps individuals at all levels of development to improve their quality of life. She facilitates the healing process by removing the unique obstacles that prevent the mind and body from working together to create positive outcomes, regardless of the stage of life, or the age, health, or wealth of the individual.

Laura King has been helping people heal their minds and bodies for 25 years. Using her unique combination of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching, Laura is able to help individuals with even the most difficult of issues to create positive and lasting change. In her book, The Power to Win, King explains how the use of hypnosis and NLP can easily help anyone conquer fear, build confidence and obtain unprecedented success.

The Power to Win by Dr. Laura King is a book designed to help replace a "losing" mentality with the winning edge. Full of valuable advice and illustrated with examples of how the author has helped well-known equestrians, The Power To Win is a valuable tool for all competitive or recreational riders-indeed, any athlete-at any level, as well as for instructors and parents.

Visit Laura’s website for an extensive look at all the tools you need to earn and grow. We encourage our readers to purchase directly from our authors so they can best benefit from the profits of their sales, as well as hear from you the reader.