Learn About Combined Driving With World Champion Driver Nicke Palsson (SWE) Clinic in Maryland - Free to Auditors

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Nicke Pålsson in Aachen as a judge, where he has been a competitor. Photo: Annelle Frank

When Life Gives You Lemons - Have a Clinic
A valiant effort was made by a core group of organizers in Combined Driving, Ann Pringle of the Driving Digest, and US Combined Driving Team veteran Lisa Singer to bring a much needed USEF approved competition to the east coast, when another event took a sabbatical for 2016. There was one available date at the Fair Hill, NRMA  in Elkton, Maryland over the Labor Day weekend, and planning began. A new obstacle was built, ribbons ordered, flights for judges booked, and tents, tables and chairs reserved. But sadly not enough entries came through to support the effort. With a big World Championship effort made by the US Single Horse Driving Team who went to Piber, AUT, sponsorship dollars were sent in the direction of US Drivers who get little support from the National Federation, and Fair Hill 2016 was cancelled. But when life give you lemons, the small but passionate group made lemonade.

World Champion driver and International CDE judge Nicke Palsson (SWE) was to have been the head judge at Fair Hill, and agreed to come and do a clinic instead. The invitation went out to all drivers who had committed to the event, and on a first come first serve basis, the clinic filled in 24 hours with a selection of drivers, horses, ponies, singles, pairs and teams, representing all levels of the sport, from Training to Advanced.

Dressage lessons will be Friday and Saturday September 2-3, and on Sunday in groups of 4-5 participants the will be training in the Hazards on the Cross Country Marathon course. There will also be a cones course set up for training.

And the sweetest part of the Fair Hill CDE 2016 that didn't happen is that auditors are invited and encouraged to come and learn from one of the world's top drivers, judge and clinician. Come watch and learn, and enjoy the beautiful Fair Hill facility on the holiday weekend closing out the summer months.

Fair Hill is a 5,656 acre Natural Resources Management Area, where multiple management practices are employed for the maximum use and protection of Maryland's natural resources. Bordered by Pennsylvania to the north and less than one half mile west of Delaware, Fair Hill is known for its pristine fields, woodlands and natural beauty.

Nicke Palsson has been driving for 35 years representing Sweden. He has driven in 14 World Championships, won 2 Gold medals and 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal at World Four-in-hand Championships. He received the Top Driver Award in 1993 and has won the National Swedish Championship 9 times. Nicke has been a coach for USA team at World Championships and recently has been coaching the Spanish Pairs during the past few years for World Pair Championship.