Latino and Kayce Redmond Qualify for the 2010 Brentina Cup!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kayce Redmond and Latino Qualified for the 2010 Brentina Cup
Kayce Redmond and Latino Qualified for the 2010 Brentina Cup
Latino and Kayce have qualified for the 2010 Brentina Cup with a 64.017%! The pair had a strong showing in their partnership, including earning a qualifying score of 62.179% from their first test together the first weekend of May. Subsequent shows resulted in a 64.321% from Judges Mandis and Gribbons, which was followed by a 65.641% from Christine Hastings and Lilo Fore. Of the pair, Fore said, “Training quite well achieved.” and Ann Gribbons, “horse and rider team with possibilities”. Kayce and Latino are currently ranked 8th in the Nation!

ImpulSion LLC and Grand Prix Trainer and Rider, Karen Lipp of Independence Dressage, have co-sponsored this talented pair and are thrilled with their accomplishments. Says owner, Mike Deimler, “We are so excited to have Kayce riding Latino at this level and performing so well. He is a special horse and is well-suited for Young Riders, Brentina Cup and Grand Prix.”

Katce Redmond and Latino - Job Well Done!
Katce Redmond and Latino - Job Well Done!
When asked about her partnership with Latino, Kayce responded, “Each show has been more fun…I feel more comfortable taking more chances in my rides with Latino as our partnership has developed. I felt like I wanted to ride more conservatively at the beginning, but I know I can trust Latino to show more expression and power if I ask him to.”

The pair will travel to Gladstone, New Jersey to compete at the USET Headquarters in August. Trainer and co-sponsor, Karen Lipp, said of the invitation, “I knew that Latino was talented and could definitely succeed in the Brentina Cup. I feel so lucky to have ridden such a wonderful horse.”

Latino is for sale and is competitively priced at $185,000. He is looking for a new partner with whom to help achieve his or her goals.