Lacey Messick Wins Omega Alpha Open Preliminary Division at Colorado Horse Park FEI CCI**/* and CIC**

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
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Lacey Messick and Second Hand Rose win the Omega Alpha Open Preliminary Division at the Colorado Horse Park FEI CCI**/* and CIC**

Lacey Messick and Second Hand Rose win the Omega Alpha Open Preliminary Division at the Colorado Horse Park FEI CCI**/* and CIC** (Photo courtesy of the Colorado Horse Park)

Parker, CO - Lacey Messick and Second Hand Rose emerged victorious in the Open Preliminary division at the Colorado Horse Park FEI CCI**/* and CIC** in Parker, Colorado this month. The Open Preliminary division was sponsored by Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, a leader in producing all-natural supplements for horses. Omega Alpha rewarded Messick’s winning weekend with an array of effective health supplements for her horse, an embroidered fly scrim, and other prizes.

Messick and her trainer Julie Wolfert trekked the 12 hours to the Colorado Horse Park from their home base near Springfield, Missouri. Messick and her 11-year-old Holsteiner mare, whom she calls Rosey, posted consistent results throughout the three-day event to finish atop the leaderboard that started with more than a dozen entries. Finishing on a score of 36.30, Messick was very pleased with the weekend’s performance. “Rosey is very brave— she doesn’t back down from anything,” said Messick. “As long as I support her, and stay out of her way, she takes really good care of me. I’m very blessed.”

It is clear that Messick and Rosey have a strong relationship. “I trust her more than I trust some people,” Messick laughed. Their partnership began when Messick found Rosey as a malnourished three-year-old. Messick saved the horse from the bad situation, thinking that her first priority was to nurse the mare back to health and give her a safe home. Messick thought Rosey may end up as a nice trail horse, but as they started working together, Rosey’s many talents became incredibly apparent.

Messick is looking forward to competing Rosey at a few more competitions this summer, and is contemplating moving up to the Intermediate eventing division. “I am very flattered that so many people, including my trainer Julie, think Rosey has the scope and the heart to run around Intermediate safely. Safety is the number one priority,” Messick said. “Every time she brings me back safely across the finish line, I love her a little more.”

Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals was happy to congratulate the winning duo, and to contribute health supplements that can help Messick continue to improve the well-being of the mare. The company specializes in producing effective formulations for enhancing equine health and performance using the finest natural ingredients available. Omega Alpha has been perfecting its processes for over 24 years, and is pleased to support the equestrian community by sponsoring events at the Colorado Horse Park this summer. Omega Alpha presented Messick and Rosey with a beautiful commemorative ribbon and a prize package filled with equine health products.

“I have definitely heard of Omega Alpha products and seen them advertised in eventing, but I haven’t used the products yet,” said Messick. “I got an awesome goodie bag of Omega Alpha products at the Colorado Horse Park and I will definitely be trying them out!”

In addition to sponsoring the Preliminary division at each of the three-day eventing competitions at the Colorado Horse Park this summer, Omega Alpha will be promoting top quality horse care at the Colorado Horse Park by presenting the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award at each week of competition during the Summer in the Rockies show series. The award is given to horses that exemplify proper health, good muscling, a shiny coat, and a great attitude. Omega Alpha will also be holding its popular Omega Alpha Best Barn Manager of the Season Contest to recognize the barn managers who work tirelessly to support their team of horses and riders. Stop in the show office or the on-site Colorado Horse Park Feed & Supply Store to nominate your barn manager for an exciting prize.

Omega Alpha offers a wide range of award-winning products developed through research-based science. These innovative equine supplements use the finest natural ingredients available to support the respiration, digestion, joint health, hormonal balance, immune health, detoxification, muscle rehabilitation, endurance, and performance of horses. To learn more about Omega Alpha’s range of quality health products and how they can help you improve and maintain your horses’ readiness for competition, visit www.OmegaAlpha.ca or call 1-800-651-3172.